856. Claude GUIMOND was born in 1660. He married Anne LEROY on 8 October 1685 in Quebec. He died on 14 February 1738 in Cap St-Ignace. (1)(2)

857. Anne LEROY ROY was born around 1653 in St-Hilaire-sous-Romilly, archdioces of SENS, Champagne, Department of Nogent-sur-Seine, Aube, France. She first married Nicolas BOUCHARD on 30 September 1670 in Ste-Anne-de-Baupré. She died on 12 November 1719 in Cap-St-Ignace. (5)(6)

Children were:

child428 iii. Joseph François GUIMOND GUIMONT was born on on 28 and was baptized on 29 October 1690 in Cap St-Ignace, Québec. He married Marie Élizabeth FORTIN on 5 February 1714 in L'Islet, Co. L'Islet, Québec. Marie Élizabeth was born on 5 and baptized on 8 April 1695 in Cap St-Ignace, Québec. Marie Élisabeth died on 6 and buried on 7 May 1733 in Cap St-Ignace, Québec.
When Marie Élisabeth died in 1733, Francois then married Ursule Marie GAMACHE, daughter of Louis GAMACHE & Marie Angelique MIVILLE, on 24 November 1734 in Cap St-Ignace, Montmagny, Québec. Ursule was born on 13 February 1712 in Cap St-Ignace, Montmagny, Québec and died on 4 May 1738 in Cap St-Ignace, Montmagny, Québec. Francois married for a third time to Angélique PELLETIER, daughter of Jean PELLETIER & Marie Anne HUOT STLAURENT, on 4 February 1743 in L'Islet, Québec. Angélique was born 19 October 1703 in Rivière-Ouelle, Kamouraska, Québec and died on 10 May 1743 in Cap St-Ignace, Montmagny, Québec. Joseph François died on 27 and was buried on 29 May 1773 in Berthier, Québec. (2)(3)(4)(6)

ii. Louis GUIMOND was born 5 September 1688 in Cap-St-Ignace. He married Marie Françoise RICHARD on 6 November 1713 in Cap-St-Ignace, Québec.

child   Four other children: one older and three younger than Louis & Joseph. (1)

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