3422. Jean MIGNOT MIGNEAULT was born on 20 April 1622 in France. He was also known as Jean MIGNOT MIGNEAU dit CHÂTILLON. He was a solder who arrived with the troops sent by the Queen in 1644. In 1647, he requested permission of the Ursulines to marry their pupil Barbe KAKESIGOUKOUE but the girl preferred one of her compatriots François KOUEKOUEIBABOUGOUCH. In 1648, he commanded a troop of five or six Frenchmen along with Algonquins and Hurons to hunt down the Iroquois. On 11 January 1648, Montmagny sent him to the Hurons to invite them to the fur-trade. He went up with two Huron Christians and returned with a group of Hurons who had won a memorable victory over the Mohawks near Trois-Rivières. He married Louise CLOUTIER, the widow of François MARGUERIE on 10 November 1648 in the paroisse de Notre-Dame de Québec. He claimed to be a tailor in 1666, but he worked for his father-in-law Zacharie CLOUTHIER as a farmer in 1667 in Beauport. He died before 1684. (1)(2)(5)(7)

3423. Louise CLOUTIER was born on 18 March 1632 at St-Jean de Mortagne. She married her first husband François MARGUERIE, an intelligent interpreter at Trois-Rivières, on 26 October 1645. Her husband drowned in the St.Lawrence on 23 May 1648, without leaving any children. She then married Jean MIGNOT on 10 November 1648 in the paroisse de Notre-Dame de Québec. She entered into a third marriage with Jean MATTEAU in 1684. Louise died on 22 and was buried on 23 June 1699 in Château-Richer. (6) (9)

Cloutier - Fournier - Regnière - Lavallée - bélanger - Léveillée Lineage in Acrobat .pdf format.

    Children were:

child1711 ii. Marie Thérèse MIGNOT was born on 9 and baptized on 15 September 1651 in Notre-Dame de Québec. She was also known as Thérèse MIGNEAULT dit CHATILLON. She first married Nicolas LEBEL on 2 April 1665 in Château-Richer. Nicolas was born about 1633 in Illeville-sur-Montfort, Archev. Rouen, Normandie (Ar. Bernay, Eure) an died between 1677 and 1679. She then married Réné OUELLET-HOELET on 6 February 1679in Grande-Ance Québec. René died on 15 and buried on 16 January 1722 in Ste-Anne de La Pocatière. Thérèse died on 3 and was buried on 5 December 1728 in the Paroisse de St-Louis, Kamouraska.(1)(3)(4)(9)

xiii. Marie Charlotte MIGNOT MIGNEAU was born on 8 and baptized on 11 March 1674 in Notre-Dame de Beauport, Québec. She married Jean DIONNE SANSOUCY GUYON on 2 August 1694 in Château-Richer. She died and was buried on 9 October 1747 in Ste-Anne de La Pocatière. Jean was born on the 8 and baptized on 11 March 1670 in Ste-Famille Île-d'Orléans. Jean died on 17 and was buried on 18 August 1752 in Ste-Anne de La Pocatière, Québec.(1)(9)

i. Jean-Aubin MIGNOT dit CHÂTILLON was born at the end of February and baptized on 18 April 1650 in Québec. He married Anne DUGAS, daugher of Abraham DUGAS & Marguerite DOUCET, de St-Jean-Baptiste de Port-Royal, on 26 April 1679 in Beaubassin. Anne was born around 1654. She was first married Charles BOURGEOIS. She died on 4 and was buried on 5 November 1740 in Beaubassin. Jean-Aubin died in the Hôtel-Dieu de Québec on 5 September 1712; he was from Kamouraska. (8)

i. Jean was born around 1680. He married Marie-Madeleine MIRANDE dit TAVARE (Emmanuel & Marguerite BOURGEOIS) around 1703. Marie-Madeleine was born on 12 July and baptized on 15 August 1685. Her second marriage was to Jacques CORDEAU dit DESLAURIERS, widower of Marguerite TOUPIN before 6 June 1724. She was buried in Kamouraska on 11 June 1773 at the age of 92. Jean died before 6 June 1724. (8)
Children were: Pierre (c1706-1739-1774); Marie-Madeleine dit CHÂTILLON (c1707-1724&1731-1739); Jean-François (b.1708); Marie-Anne (c1708-1733-1753); Guillaume (m.1735); Antoine (m. 1753); Marguerite. (8)

ii. Cécile dit AUBIN was born and baptized on 17 March 1683 in Beaubassin. She firt married Pierre GAUDET, son of Pierre GAUDET l'ainé & Anne BLANCHARD, before the Census 1700. She then married Louis POIRIER, son of Michel POIRIER & Marie BOUDROT, around 1708. She died before 8 February 1746. (8)

iii. Alexis was born and baptized on 17 September 1685 in Beaubassin. (8)

iv. Jacques was born around 1693. He was buried on 4 December 1755, as a 65 year old bachelor, in Kamouraska.(8)

v. Louis-Joseph dit AUBIN was born around 1692. He married Marie-Anne MICHAUD, daughter of Pierre MICHAUD & Marie-Madeleine THIBODEAU on 15 March 1715 in Mamouraska. Marie-Anne was born on 27 December 1698 in Kamouraska and baptized on 9 Februay 1699 in Rivière-Ouelle. She died on 20 and was buried on 21 June 1782 in St-Pierre-du-Sud. Louis-Joseph was buried on 11 May 1756, at the age of 68, in St-Pierre-du-Sud. (8)

Children were: Marie-Geneviève dit AUBIN (c1716-1743&1750-1799); Marie-Josèphe (1723-1746-1771); Marie-Madeleine dit AUBIN (1725-1749-?); Angélique (m.1760-1761); Marie-Anne; Marie-Claire dit AUBIN, twin, (1732-1752-1773); Jean-François dit AUBIN, twin, (1732-1765-1784); Louis-Joseph (b.1735); Jacques dit AUBIN (1740-1763&1782-1820). (8)

vi. Pierre dit CHÂTILLON was born around 1695. He first married Jeanne AUTIN, daughter of François AUTIN & Marie BOUCHER on 10 November 1714. Jeanne was born on 22 and baptized on 28 November 1693; she was buried in Kamouraska on 8 February 1770 at age 74. His second marriage was to Marie-Catherine(-Anne) OUELLET, daughter of Joseph OUELLET & Françoise LIZOTTE on 8 November 1718 in Ste-Anne-de-la-Pocatière. Marie-Catherine was born on 22 August and baptized on 4 September 1696. His third marriage was to Marie-Françoise ROY dit DESJARDINS, daugher of Pierre ROY dit DESJARDINS & Marie-Anne MARTIN on 10 May 1745 in Kamouraska. Marie-Françoise was born and baptized on 29 September 1695 In St-Pierre, Île d'Orléans. Marie-Françoise was the widow of François SIROIS dit DUPLESSIS. She was buried on 13 July 1763 in Kamouraska. Pierre was buried in Kamouraska on 8 February 1770 at the age of 74. (8)

Children with Jeanne AUTIN were: Marie-Josèphe (c1715-1735-1757). (8)

Children with Marie-Catherine(-Anne) OUELLET were: Jean (m. 1744-d.1763); Pierre (m.1746-d.bef1749); Charles (m.1755&1763-d.be1778&1786); Félicité-Cécile (m.1746&1753-d.1758); Étienne (b.1717-d.1728); Jean-François (1729-1753&1758&1761&1779-?); Alexis (b.1731-d.1731); Étienne (1732-1750&1796-?);Joseph-Marie (b.1734); Michel dit Aubin (1736-1765&1779-?). (8)

There were no children with Marie-François ROY dit DESJARDINS.

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