9078. Pierre DESPORTES was born in the diocese of Lisieux, Normandie, Calvados, France. He was originally from Dieppe. He married Françoise LANGLOIS before 31 December 1620. He arrived at Québec along with his brother-in-law Abraham MARTIN in 1619. He was an agent of the company of Rouen and Saint-Malo. He later went to work for Montmorency's Company. The family lived at Québec until 1629 when ee was repatriated as a result of the English conquest. Pierre was alone when he returned to Canada to live with his daughter Hélène who married Guillaume HÉBERT in 1634; apparently his wife having died in France in 1632. He was listed as godfather on two occassions: 1637/1638 and in February 1639. He must have died before 1639, the year that his son-in-law Guillaume Hébert died, for his name is not mentioned on the certificate of guardianship of the Hébert children on 21 October 1639. (3)(5)(6)

9079. Françoise LANGLOIS was born in the diocese of Lisieux, Normandie, Calvados, France. She was also kown as Marguerite LANGLOIS. Apparently she died in Dieppe in 1632.

Children were:

child1667 i. Hélène DESPORTES was born on 7 July 1620 in Notre-Dame des Recources, Québec. She first married Guillaume HÉBERT 1 October 1634 in Québec. She then married Noël MORIN on 9 January 1640 in Québec. She died 24 June 1675 in Québec.(1) (2) (4)

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