13652. Philippe GAUTHIER was born in Ste-Étienne du Mont, Paris. He was also known as Sieur de Comporte. He married Marie PICHON before 31 December 1622 in France. He died before 1636 in France.

13653. Marie PICHON was also known as Marie PLICHON. She remarried to Charles SEVESTRE with whom she came to New France in 1636.

Children were:

child3370 i. Charles GAUTHIER was born before 1624 in France. He married Catherine CAMUS on 1 August 1656 in Québec. He died on 9 February 1703 in Ste-Foy. (1)(3)

ii. Renée GAUTHIER married Louis THIBAULT on 29 October 1645 in France. Renée died on 5 September 1666 in Ste-Famille.(2)(4)

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(4) There is doubt about Renée being a child of Philippe & Marie.