6826. Charles GAUTIER was born in 1622 in Paris. He was also known as Charles GAUTIER dit BOISVERDUN. He arrived in Canada with his mother and her husband Charles SEVESTRE in 1636. He served as a soler at Trois-Rivières. He married Catherine CAMUS dit LECAMUS on 2 September 1656 in Québec. He was confirmed by Mgr. de LAVAL on 10 August 1659. He was interested in the trade at Tadoussac. He settled on Île-d'Orléans in 1663. He died on 9 February 1703 in Ste-Foye. (1)

6827. Catherine CAMUS dit LECAMUS was born in 1635 in France. She died before 17 October 1678.

Eight children.

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