818. Charles GAUDIN was born in 1631. He was also known as Charles GODIN. He married Marie BOUCHER on 6 November 1653 in Québec. (1)(2)

819. Marie BOUCHER was born on 15 April 1644.

Children were:

child409 iv. Marguerite GAUDIN dit GODIN was born on 9 March 1665. She married Guillaume TARDIF on 28 April 1687 in L'Ange-Gardien. (3)

ix. Marie Madeleine GAUDIN was born on 11 October 1673 in L'Ange-Gardien. She married René DESNOUX LÉVEILLÉ DENEAU on 10 November 1698 in L'Ange-Gardien. She died on 8 August 1720 in Québec. (3)(4)(5)

   Fifteen other children. (3)

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