8. Antoine LÉVEILLÉE was also known as FOURQUIN dit LÉVEILLÉ. He was born and baptized on 17 May 1834 in St-Michel d'Yamaska. Godparents were Antoine FOURQUIN-LÉVEILLÉ, his uncle, and Marguerite LÉVEILLÉE BROUILLARD, his aunt. He married Sophie LAMBERT on 20 July 1852 in the Church of St-David, Yamaska, Québec. Witnesses were: Joseph Fourquin dit Léveillé, Michel Lambert, Louis Pépin, Angélique Gaucin.
Antoine and his family immigrated to Harris Village, Coventry, RI on 7 February 1869, through the port of St-Albans, Vermont to work in the Interlaken Cotton Mills. He returned to St-Aimé in 1879. He died on 24 and was buried on 27 January 1880 in the cemetery of St-Aimé, Richelieu County, Québec, at the age of 45 years . (1)(15)(17)(18)(21)

9. Sophie LAMBERT was born and baptized on 23 October 1829 in St-Michel, Yamaska, Québec. She died on 3 June 1907 and was buried on 7 June 1907, in St-Aimé, Richelieu County, Québec, at the age of 78. (12)(27)

Click on graphic

    Children were:

child4 ix. Joseph Aimé LÉVEILLÉE, the ninth child, was born 6 September and baptized on 7 September 1868 in St-Aimé de Richelieu, Québec, Canada. Godfather was Antoine FOURQUIN LÉVEILLÉE and godmother was Sophie FOURQUIN-LÉVEILLÉE, his brother and sister. He immigrated to Harris Village, Coventry, RI on 7 February 1869, through the port of St-Albans, Vermont, with his parents. He returned to St-Aimé as a young man and sold apples. He married Émilie Césarie THÉROUX on 15 January 1889 in St-David, Yamaska, Québec. Césarie was born and baptized on 5 June 1867 in St-Michel, Yamaska, Québec. He died on 6 May 1959 in Coventry, Rhode Island. (1)(13)(17)(18)(26)

Note regarding the surnames: It is believed that Joseph LÉVEILLÉE did not include the FOURQUIN part of the surname when he immigrated to Rhode Island, USA, in 1909. It is noted that Joseph signed his name simply "Joseph Léveillée" on the birth certificate of his daughter Juliette who was baptized in 1899. It could have been as early as 1894 when the pastor indicated that the father could not sign, even though Joseph had signed all the previous baptismal records of his children. Joseph finished "college" - equivalent to our "high school" in St-Aimée.

childvii. Marguerite FOURQUIN-LÉVEILLÉE, the seventh child, was born and baptized on 27 July 1864, in St-Aimé de Richelieu, Québec, Canada. Godfather was Narcisse FOURQUIN-LÉVEILLÉE; godmother was Marguerite LALANCETTE. She married Philias RIVARD on 23 July 1889 in St-Aimé. She died on 19 Novemer 1943 and buried in the Cemetery at St-Aimé. Parents of Philias RIVARD were Odilon RIVARD & Julie MARTIN. (2)(3)(4)(11)(14) & from Dolorès Robillard, granddaughter of Marguerite.

i. Antoine LÉVEILLÉE, the first born, was born and baptized on 5 May 1853. Godfather was Jacques FOURQUIN dit LÉVEILLÉE; godmother was Marie ALEXANDRE dit LALIBERTÉ. He died on 25 and was buried on 27 April 1854 in St-Aimé. (14)(28)

ii. Antoine LÉVEILLÉE was born 8 and baptized on 9 December 1854. Godfather was Michel LAMBERT and godmother was Marie-Louise ALEXANDRE. He died on 4 and was buried on 6 June 1876 in St-Aimé, at age 21 years. (14)(15)

iii. Sophie FOURQUIN dit LÉVEILLÉ was born on 28 September 1856 in St-Michel d'Yamaska. She first married Monsieur François-Xavier TÉTREAULT around 1870. François was born on 15 April 1852. He died and was buried on 30 January 1929 in St-Aimé de Richelieu.
She then married Guillaume GERVAIS, (widower of Noëmie DUCHARME), of Duelz Lake, Saskatchewan, on 19 August 1930 in St-Aimé. Guillaume was born on 8 December 1861 and died on 12 December 1931 in St-Aimé de Richelieu, at the age of 70. She died 30 December 1931 at the age of seventy-five and was buried on 2 January 1932 in St-Aimé. (5)(28)

iv. Marie Angélique FOURQUIN dite LÉVEILLÉE was born on 20 and baptized on 21 October 1858 in St-Aimé. She married Arsène OUELLETTE in St-Aimé. They immigrated to Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island in 1869. Arsène died between 1910 and 1920, as Marie Angélique is described as a widow in the US Census 1920. (18)(14)(30)(35)

             Children were:

i.Régina OUELLETTE married François Donat GIRARD. She died on 25 March 1989. François was born 25 November 1892. He died on 12 December 1956.
Cecile GIRARD married Maurice CÔTÉ. Cécile died on 16 February 1996 in Danielson, Co. Windham, Connecticut.
See photos of
Aurore et Régina Ouellette et Florina Rivard Robillard
and also
Ouellette-Girard & Robillard Families

ii.Aurore OUELLETTE was born and baptized on 18 January 1896 in St-Aimé de Richelieu, Québec. She became a Sister of the Order of Jeanne d'Arc (les Soeurs de Ste-Jeanne d'Arc), taking the religious name of Soeur Arsène. She died in the Mother House in Québec. She died on 22 April 1972. (28)(32)(34)
iii. Joseph Louis OUELLETTE was born in 1899 in St-Aimé. He married Marie Adeline PLANTE on 16 June 1925 St Jean Baptiste West Warwick, RI. She was the daughter of Elie PLANTE & Marie Rosanna SALOIS. He died on 26 November 1965. (31)
iv.Marie Sarah OUELLETTE was born 8 June 1898 and died 24 November 1980. She married Joseph LIZOTTE, who was born on 15 April 1893 and died on 15 December 1963. Marie and Joseph lived on Elm Street, in Harris Village, Coventry, Rhode Island. (30)
Note: All of these were my father's first cousins; my second cousins (NAL)

         Children were:

i. Florence Juliette LIZOTTE was born on 21 September 1919, in the village of Harris in RI and was baptized on 21 September 1919 in Notre Dame church, Phenix, RI. Godmother was Juliette LÉVEILLÉE and godfather was Joseph OUELLETTE. She married Alfred MUSCHIANO on 27 August 1949. Alfred grew up in the Natick section of West Warwick, RI; he was one of 10 children. (30)

        Children were:

i. Jacqueline Ann MUSCHIANO was born on 20 January 1952. She married Andrew RICCI, Jr. on July 11, 1981.

ii. Dorothy Claudia LIZOTTE was born 7 April 1921 and died 30 December 1990.
iii.Raymond Charles LIZOTTE was born 14 October 1923 and died 4 July 1976.
iv.Donald Francis LIZOTTE was born 12 February 1926 and died 12 September 1991.
v.Normand Jean-Baptiste LIZOTTE was born 17 January 1929 in Harris Village, Coventry, Rhode Island. He was baptized in 1929 in Notre-Dame Church, West Warwick, RI. Godfather was Jean-Baptiste LÉVEILLÉE, this author's father. He died 9 April 1994 and was buried in Notre-Dame Cemetery, West Warwick, RI. (32)
vi.Fernande Delia LIZOTTE was born 1 December 1930 and died 17 July 1939. (2)(30)

v. Marie Célina FOURQUIN dite LÉVEILLÉ was born and baptized on 19 October 1860 (14); she died 23 January 1933 (24) at age 77. She married Hilaire ROBIDOUX on 18 January 1887 in St-Aimé (Massueville), Richelieu, Québec. Hilaire died on 6 October 1945. (24) Hilaire's parents were Jacob ROBIDOUX & Marie PICHÉ. Job Robidoux died on 9 June & buried on 12 June 1907 in St-Aimé de Richelieu. (5)

   Children were:

i. Ludger ROBIDOUX married Marie-Anne Bélisle on 8 July 1924 in the church of Ste-Famille in Woonsocket, RI. Ludger worked on trains and live in Burlington VT.
ii. Célina ROBIDOUX was born 31 Oct 1887 at St-Aimé
iii. Hilaire ROBIDOUX was born 5 Feb 1889 at St-Aimé .(3) Hilaire married Noellia Rivard. He was a brickyard foreman in Roseton, NY. He died in Wappinger Falls, N.Y.
iv. Doria ROBIDOUX was born 8 Feb 1892 and died 4 Dec 1896 in Roseton, N.Y. She was buried 20 Dec 1896 in St-Aimé. (28)(29)

vi. Pierre Godfroid (Godefroy) FOURQUIN dit LÉVEILLÉE was born 5 and baptized on 6 September 1862 in St-Aimé.(14) Pierre, along with his parents, sisters and brothers, immigrated to the United States, to Harris Village, Coventry, RI, on 7 February 1869, through the port of St-Albans, Vermont. When his parents returned to St-Aimé in 1879, he remained in Harris, living at the top of Harris Street (the street of this author's youth). His first marriage was to Délia COLLE aka LACOLLE, 3 Jan 1885 (19) in the mission church of Notre-Dame du Bon Conseil, Phenix, RI. He was naturalized as an American citizen on 22 December 1894 in Providence, Rhode Island.(17) He lived and worked for a contractor in Coventry and West Warwick, RI. He returned to St-Aimé by 1930, for he was a witness at his sister Sophie's wedding on 19 August 1930. Délia COLLE was born in 1862. She died 7 and was buried on 10 July 1931 St-Aimé cemetery, Québec. (25) Upon his return to St-Aimé, Pierre married Edwige BIBEAU BIBEAULT, widow of Norbert Ethier, on 15 September 1934. Pierre died on 29 October at age 77 and was buried on 31 October 1939 in the cemetery of St-Aimé. Edwige, who was born in 1861, died 5 and was buried on 9 January 1940 in St-Aimé. (10)(18)(28)(34)

See a photo of their family.

Pierre and Délia had eight children:

i. Philomène Mélina was born and baptized 4 March 1887. Godparents were Alexandre LACOLLE and Philomène POTVIN. (2) She married Mr. Danis.
ii. Marie Délia was born 7 Dec and baptized 9 Dec 1885 in St. John the Baptist Church, West Warwick, RI. Godparents were Sévère LACOLLE & Geneviève LACOLLE. She married Agenor JOYAL 6 Jan 1949, in Our Lady of Good Counsel, Phenix, RI. (23)
iii. Marie Edwidge was born 2 May in Harris Village, Coventry, RI and baptized 4 May 1890 in St. John the Baptist Church, West Warwick, RI. Godparents were Cléophas JABOT & Mélina LACOLLE. She married Joseph Brouillard 6 Sept 1909 in Phenix, RI. She died on 2 April 1964 in Warwick RI at the age of 73. She was buried on 6 April 1964 in Notre-Dame Cemetery, West Warwick RI.(23)
iv. Algive Adgine was born on 20 September 1894 in the village of Harris, Coventry RI. She married Ovide Goudreau. She died on 18 June 1967 in Coventry RI at the age of 72. She was buried in St. Joseph Cemetery, West Warwick RI on 21 June 1967.
v. Alexandre Antoine was born 4 May 1898 in Phenix, RI. On 2 Sept 1919, he married Henriette GODIN (Alexandre & Melanise PAQUIN). Henriette was born 9 Nov 1884 in Phenix, RI. They lived in West Warwick, RI. Antoine died on 11 January 1980 in Smithfield RI. He was buried on 15 January 1980 in Notre-Dame Cemetry in West Warwick, RI (20)
vi. Aimé Joseph born 7 Sept 1899 in Phenix, RI. On 21 April 1924, he married Flora LAFOND in St-Jean-Baptiste Church, West Warwick, RI. Flora was born 20 Oct 1898 in Hyde Park, MA. Her parents were Joseph LAFOND and Melina COUTU. (20)
vii. Joseph Ovila was born 12 March and baptized 15 March 1896, St. John the Baptist Church, West Warwick, RI. Godparents were Louis VILLIARD & Célina LÉVEILLÉ. He married Lola PENOY 29 June 1920 in Phenix, RI (23). He died on 12 Aug 1970 at the age of 74 in Warwick, RI. He was buried on 17 August 1970 in St. Joseph Cemetery, West Warwick RI.
They had three children:
Marcel was born 22 Aug 1924. He died on 21 March 1974 in Warwick RI. He was buried on 25 March 1974 in Notre-Dame Cemetery, West Warwick RI. He ran the Léveillée Grocery Store on Phenix Square, West Warwick, RI.
Estelle became a Sister of the Presentation de Marie Religious Order.
Claire, the eldest of the children.

viii. Louis Pierre LÉVEILLÉE was born and baptized 12 February 1893 in St. John the Baptist Church, West Warwick, RI. Godparents were Louis Villiard & Célina Lacolle. His first marriage was to Léose Rosilda LAMOUREUX on 5 October 1914 in St. Louis Church, Woonsocket, RI. (23) They had eleven children: Eva, Léo, Cécile, Constance,Roland, Rita and Anita, Theresa, Edgar, Donald, and Roméo. They lived at 22 Harris Street, Harris Village, Coventry, RI. Roméo was a classmate of this author at the parish school of Notre-Dame from 1942-1950. Léose died in 1955 and is buried in St.Joseph's cemetery in West Warwick, RI. (37)
Marie Eva LÉVEILLÉE was born in 1915 and died on 19 September 1916 in West Warwick, RI.
Pierre Léo LÉVEILLÉE, born on 19 April 1917 in Coventry, RI, married Rose VALÉRIEN. They have a son Pierre LÉVEILLÉE and a daughter Doris LÉVEILLÉE Pierre died on 2 February 2008 at the age of 90 years.
Cécile LÉVEILLÉE was born on 17 December 1918 in Coventry, RI.
Roland N. LÉVEILLÉE was born 0n 16 April 1919 in Coventry, RI. He first married Dolores JOYAL were married on 26 July 1941 in Our Lady of Good Counsel, West Warwick, RI. Dolores, daughter of Fredereick JOYAL & Lucia MARTIN, was born on 2 January 1919 on Elm Street, Coventry, RI. She moved to 24 Harris Street when she was 3 years old. Dolores died in Jacksonville, FL on 30 August 2005.
Annette Lucia LÉVEILLÉE was born on 25 August 1942 in Coventry, RI. She died on 18 August 2008 in Dunnellon, FL.
Roland Louis LÉVEILLÉE was born on 23 August 1944 in Coventry and died on 28 August 1944 in Providence. He is buried in St. Joseph Cemetery, West Warwick, RI.
Still Born Boy on 9 October 1946 in Coventry. Buried in Sts. Peter & Paul Cemetery.
Gérard Cléophas LÉVEILLÉE was born on 19 August 1950 in Providence, RI. He married Billie Jean BAUGHAN.
Aline Diane LÉVEILLÉE was born and died on 27 March 1958 in Warwick, RI. She is buried in Notre-Dame Cemetery.

Roland and Dolores were divorced in 1975. Roland remarried to Christine BARTLEY RAJOTTE, daughter of Christopher BARTLEY & Lena GIGUÈRE and the widow of Roger RAJOTTE on 30 May 1976 in Rehoboth, MA. Christine was born on 19 May 1934 in Pawtucket, RI and died on 30 September 1980 in Coventry, RI at the age of 7. She was buried on 4 October 1980 in St. Joseph Cemetery, West Warwick, RI>
Dolores remarried to William Miller BAUGHAN, father of Billie Jean BAUGHAN, on 23 November 1981. The Rev. Fr. Arthur Moreau, a cousin from Montréel, blessed the marriage at Notre-Dame Church in Phenix, West Warwick, RI.
Roland died on 11 April 2004 in Coventry, RI.
Rita Edwilda LÉVEILLÉE was born on 5 May 1921 in Coventry, RI. She married Joseph E. DESROSIERS. She died on 8 August 1974 in Warwick RI and was buried on 12 August 1974 in St. Joseph Cemetery, West Warwick RI. Rita and Anita were twins.
Anita LÉVEILLÉE was born on 5 May 1921 in Coventry, RI. She married Gerard LEVESQUE. She died giving birth to their only son Gerard J. LEVESQUE Jr. who married Dorothy, who have a son Joseph. They live in Coventry, RI. Anita and Rita were twins.
Thérèse LÉVEILLÉE was born on 11 December 1922 in Coventry, RI. She married Joseph DUPERON. The have a son and a daughter. She died on 13 January 1999 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Joseph was born on 11 April 1926 in New York. He died on 10 October 1998 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Edgar LÉVEILLÉE was born on 16 December 1923 in Coventry, Rhode Island. He never had any children. He died on 12 November 2009 in Springfield, Oregon
Constance LÉVEILLÉE was born on 27 June 1925 in Rhode Island. She married George DESROSIERS. They had a daughter, Jeanne Cécile DESROSIERS who married Raymond ADAMS,a descendant of John ADAMS and Roger WILLIAMS, and a son Robert.
Donald LÉVEILLÉE was born on 2 February 1929. He married Estelle LAROCQUE, daughter of Ephrem LARCOQUE & Marie PARÉ, on 27 November 1947 in St. John-the-Baptist Church in West Warwick, RI. Estelle was born 1 December 1926. She died 17 January 1989 in Warwick RI at the age of 62. She is buried in St. Joseph Cemetery, West Warwick RI on 20 January 1989. After Estelle died, Donald married Celest Picard BÉLANGER in 1992. No children from this marriage. In the Census of 1935, Donald's date of birth is listed as 1928. (36)(37)

Six Children:
     René Gérard LÉVEILLÉE was born in Providence. He married Louise Anne LANDRY at St. Charles Borromeo Church in Providence. They live in West Warwick, RI
     Roger Louis LÉVEILLÉE was born in Providence on 30 March 1950 and died on 6 May 2003 in Neosho, MO. He was ordained in June 1979 By Bishop Bernard Law at St.John-the-Baptist in West Warwick, RI. He served as parish priest in the diocese of Springfield, MO.
     Ronald Leonard LÉVEILLÉE was born in Providence. He married Claire GAUVIN at St.John's in West Warwick. They have 3 children: Lisa married to Marcus and have 1 son Owen; Michelle has 1 son Andrew; James married to Grace with 1 son Tyler and 1 daughter Abigail. They live in Coventry, RI. Tyler appears to be the only one of the grandchildren of Donald Léveillée who can keep Léveillée name and lineage going.
     Denise Claire LÉVEILLÉE was born in Warwick RI. She married Ronald PLANTE at St.John's. The have 3 children: Trisha married Mathew; Sharon married Brad with 2 sons Logan and Noah; Marisa has 1 son. They live in West Warwick, RI.
     David Donald LÉVEILLÉE was born in Warwick. He married Pauline DOUGLAS in West Warwick. No children.
     Elaine Marie LÉVEILLÉE was born in Warwick. She married Eugene HARRISON at St. John's. They have 3 children: a son Corey, a daughter Kayla and another son Paul

Roméo LÉVEILLÉE was born 13 June 1935 in Coventry, RI. He married Mary FUSCO His career was the Air Force, spending most of his active duty in Alaska. They have 4 children: Paul married Celeste Johnson and have 3 sons; Susan married Paul Pykowski and have 2 children; Gary and Lisa.

Louis' second marriage was to Marie Alice Lucienne GAGNON DANIS on 25 Nov 1963, in Our Lady of Good Counsel Church, Phenix, RI.
Louis Pierre died on 12 October 1967 in Coventry RI at the age of 74. He was buried on 16 October 1967 in St. Joseph Cemetery in West Warwick RI. (23)

ix. Mathilda Adina was born 20 Sept and baptized 23 Sept 1894 in St. John the Baptist Church, West Warwick, RI. Godparents were Antoine ST-GERMAIN & Marie LAMBERT. (2)

There were no children from Pierre's second marriage to Edwige BIBEAU. (18)

viii. Marie Mathilde FOURQUIN dite LÉVEILLÉE was born on 27 and baptized on 29 April 1866. Godfather was Louis PÉPIN; godmother was Marie LAMBERT. (14) She married Olivier VERRIER on 12 January 1892 in St-Aimé de Richelieu. (6) (7) Olivier, son of Olivier VERRIER & Marie LAMBERT, was born on 29 April 1868 and was a farmer living in St-David. He died on 13 November 1953 in Drummondville, Québec. Mathilde died on 5 February 1946 in St-David d'Yamaska, Québec. (16) Olivier married a second time to Lumina AUBÉ, daughter of Honoré AUBÉ & Blandine LEBEL, in September 1957 in St-Joachim de Courval.

    Children were:

i. Oliver VERRIER was born on 9 May 1892 in St-David d'Yamaska. He married Audina Odina PELLETIER on 27 August 1914 in St-David, Yamaska. (8) There was a Rosaire PELLETIER, age 23, living with them in 1930.(33)


Forent VERRIER was born om 1917.
David VERRIER was born 1918.
Camille VERRIER was born 1920.
George E. VERRIER was born in 1922. His son Normand VERRIER was a priest from Woonsocket, RI.
Noella VERRIER was born in 1925.
Gabrielle VERRIER was born in 1929.

ii. Marie Rose VERRIER was born on 12 May 1894 in St-David d'Yamaska, Québec. She married Joseph-Rosario BROUILLARD on 17 August 1914 in St-David d'Yamaska. (8) Joseph's parents were Noé BROUILLARD & Amanda PELLETIER. Marie Rose and Joseph-Rosario had 11 children: Olivier BROUILLARD from St-David, Richelieu County and Jeanne d'Arc BROUILLARD. Jeanne d'Arc married Wilfrid BLAIN. (6)

iii. Jean Baptiste Donat VERRIER was born on 21 March 1896 in St-David d'Yamaska.

iv. Mathilda Sophie VERRIER was born on 17 March 1902 in St-David d'Yamaska. She married Domino MACLARE on 6 November 1923 in St-David d'Yamaska. (8) Domino's parents were Louis MACLARE & Rosilde DESROSIERS from St-Edmond.

v. Clerinda Marie Clarie Ida VERRIER was born on 31 October 1904 in St-David d'Yamaska. She married Jean-Baptiste DESROSIERS on 17 October 1922 in St-David d'Yamaska. (9) Jean-Baptiste's parents were Jean-Baptiste DESROSIERS & Mathilda THÉROUX from St-Aimé.

vi. Hilaire David VERRIER was born on 3 March 1907 and died on 8 August 1907 St-David d'Yamaska, Québec.

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(1) Mariages de St-David d'Yamaska (1835-1966), Relevé par J.-M. Laliberté,F.C., Antonio Mongeau, F.C., Compilé et publié par B. Pontbriand, agronome, 2390 Marie Victorin, Québec 6, 1968, pp. 233, 234 &262.
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English translation

"Il y a quelques années. j'avais trouvé un article sur mon grand-père Philias Rivard, époux de Marguerite Léveillé. On y parlait de ses grandes réalisations: Construction de l'aqueduc de Saint-Aimé en faisant venir des Forges de Saint Maurice la tuyauterie et la fonte nécessaire à sa réalisation. Quand il a manqué de tuyaux de fonte, il a inventé des outils pour creuser des troncs d'arbre de pin pour en faire des tuyaux pour terminer l'aqueduc. Dans le livre de Hector Lapalice sur la Seigneurie des Massue et l'histoire de la Paroisse de Saint Aimé on parle de la construction de l'aqueduc par mon grand-père.
Par la suite, au début du siècle, une quinzaine de personnes ont pu bénéficier d'un service téléphonique grâce à lui car il avait pu maîtriser et appliquer une invention européenne afin de produire l"électricité nécessaire: la pile Volta-Leclanché.
Dans l'article en question, on dit que lors de la division entre la paroisse et le village , c'est sur une partie de ses terres que fut construite l'école no. 9. Elle était située face au nouveau cimetière. (Si tu le visites, tu pourras voir le long de la route la pierre tombale de Philias Rivard et Marguerite Léveillé. Cette pierre tombale, qu'il s'était procurée lors du déménagement du vieux cimetière, il l'a gravée lui-même dans ses temps libres. Elle était placée tout au fond de son jardin, sous un arbre et il la gravait, à la main, avec un ciseau à pierre. Tu vas pouvoir le constater à cause de l'écriture assez rudimentaire).
On parle aussi dans cet article de Narcisse Léveillé, oncle de Marguerite Léveillé (donc parent avec toi) qui avait donné son nom à la Commission Scolaire dissidente vers 1907-1908."
"Cet homme entreprenant et habile machiniste, de son initiative privée et de ses ressources personnelles, mena son entreprise à bonne fin. Depuis cette date, le village est doté de cette utilité, devenue nécessité. Le premier avril 1925, la corporation du village a fait l'acquisition de l'aqueduc de M. Rivard-Dufresne." Extrait Histoire de la seigneurie Massue et de la paroisse de Saint-Aimé",
Ovide-M. Hector Lapalice, 1930.
English translation

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Des "dit" surnoms de famille à St-Aimé:

Léveillée = Fourquin, Thibault
Lambert = Lalue, Lamontagne
Brouillard = Fortier
Théroux = Landroche, Féron, Ferron, Lacroix, Plessis, Tardif, Tardy

Church of St-David, Yamaska County, Québec

(32)Sisters of Ste. Jeanne d'Arc:

The Congregation of the Sisters of Ste. Jeanne d'Arc was founded on Christmas day, 1914, at Worcester, Massachusetts, by the Rev. Father M. Clement, A.A. Three years later (on September 29, 1917), the centre of the Congregation was transferred to Quebec. The follow­ing year, the mother-house was estab­lished at Bergerville, near Quebec. The Congregation devotes itself to the sanc­tification of its members and the spiri­tual and temporal service of the priesthood. It serves the priesthood in a spiritual way by prayer and in a material way by taking charge of domestic work in rectories, seminaries, ecclesias­tical colleges, and apostolic schools. The Institute is ready to accept houses in which aged or retired priests may live a life of prayer and of peace, re­ceiving the care which their age and condition of health demand. The Institute has 56 foundations, with 272 Sisters, of whom 233 are professed.
Source: W. Stewart WALLACE, ed., The Encyclopedia of Canada, Volume VI, Toronto, University Associates of Canada, 1948, 398p., p. 17.