816. Olivier LE TARDIF was born around 1604 in parish of (paroisse d')Étables, diocese of St-Brieuc, Côtes du Nord, Bretagne, France. He was an interpreter and general manager of the Hundred Associates, fiscal procurator, provost, judge, and shared the Seigneurie of Beaupé. He was in Québec in 1621 as De Caen's assistant manager. In 1633, he was at Québec acting as interpreter and agent of the limited trading company. He was always a very devoutly religious person and helped the Jesuits, sometimes administered baptism and adopted three young natives. In May 1637, along with Jean NICOLLET, he acquired 160 acres of uncleared land of Belleborne. On 3 November 1637, he married Louise COUILLARD who died in 1641. He became the general manager of the Hundred Associates in 1641. He married Barbe AYMART/ÉMARD on 21 May 1648 in La Rochelle, Arènes. In 1653, he disposed of his Belleborne property and acquired some land at Château-Richer where he served as seigneurial judge. He sold his share of the seigneurie on 13 April 1662. He died on 28 January 1665 in Château-Richer, Québec. (1)(3)

817. Barbe AYMART/ÉMARD was also known as Barbe AMYOT. She was the widow of Gilles MICHEL dit TAILLON.

Children were:

child408 iii. Guillaume TARDIF was born 22 October 1655 in Québec. He first married Louise DUBOIS MOREL 16 April 1679 in the province of Québec. He then married Marguerite Marie GAUDIN/GODIN on 28 April 1687 in L'Ange-Gardien. (1) (2)

   Two other children older than Guillaume. (1)

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