3242. Guillaume CONVENT married Antoinette DE LONGRAL before 31 December 1604 in Soissons, France. (1)(3)

3243. Antoinette DE LONGRAL was born in the diocese of Soissons, France. She was also known as Antoinette LONVAL.

Children were:

child1621 i. Anne CONVENT was born around 1604 in L'Estrée, France. She first married Philippe AMIOT before 31 December 1626 in France. Her second marriage on 26 September 1639 was to Jacques MAHEU in Québec. Her third husband was Etienne BLANCHON LAROSE. She died 25 December and was buried 26 December 1675 in Québec. (1)(2)(5)

ii. Charlotte CONVENT married Louis LEDRAN 31 December 1634 in France. (3)(4)

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