1620. Philippe AMIOT, also known as Philippe AMYOT, was born around 1600 in Estrées, diocese of Soissons, Île-de-France. He married Anne CONVENT before 31 December 1626 in France. He arrived, along with his family, in New France in 1636. (1)(2)
Renseignements en outre/Additional Information in French.

1621. Anne CONVENT, the daughter of Guillaume CONVENT & Antoinette DE LONGRAL, was born around 1604 in L'Estrée, France. Her second marriage on 26 September 1639 was to Jacques MAHEU in Québec. Her third husband was Etienne BLANCHON LAROSE. She died on 25 and was buried on 26 December 1675 in Québec. (5) (6) (7)

Children were:

child810 i. Mathieu AMYOT was born before 1626 in France. He married Marie MIVILLE on 22 November 1650 in the Paroisse de Notre-Dame de Québec. He was confirmed on 10 August 1659 in Québec. He was knighted in 1667, but didn't receive the fief at Point-aux-Bouleaux, near Sainte-Croix, until 1672. He was buried on 19 December 1688 in Basilique Notre-Dame de Québec. Marie died and was buried on 5 September 1702 in Hôtel-Dieu de Québec.(2)(3)(4)(8)

ii. Charles AMYOT was born on 26 August 1636 in Québec. He married Marie Geneviève DECHAVIGNY on 2 May 1660 in Québec. Charles became a merchant in Québec on 2 May 1660. He died on 10 December 1669 in Québec. He was survived by two sons and a daughter. (2)(8)

iii. Jean AMYOT was probably born at Chartres around 1625. When his family arrived at Québec in 1636, he was immediately entrusted to the Jesuits to become one of the young lads who were being brought up on the Huron mission to learn the language and made the trip to Huronia with Father Isacc Jogues. He was the first to have the idea of forming a "mobile squadron" of Frenchmen to attack the Mohawks. In combat, he captured the murderer of Isaac Jogues. He drowned along with François Marguerie on 23 May 1648. His body was recovered in Sillery and was solemnly buried on 10 June in Québec. (2)(8)

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