1654. Robert DROUIN was born on 6 August 1607 in Pin-la-Garenne, Perche, France. He arrived in Québec around 1633, as a brick-maker and worker for the Jesuits. He found the earth suitable for bricks on the Jesuits fief near the Beauport River. This place was called Pointe de l'Essai because its soil had been tested. At the end of his contract, he married Marie Anne CLOUTIER, daughter of Zacharie CLOUTIER & Xaintes DUPONT, a settler on the Beauport fief, on 12 July 1637 in Québec. According to the marriage contract of 27 July 1636, the couple had a lodging reserved in the father-in-law's house for three years. On 25 March 1640, Robert promised 7,000 bricks to the Hospitalers who were building the Hôtel-Dieu. In 1640, he acquired a piece of land awarded by the Company of Beaupré and built his house there. His first wife Anne died on 2 and buried on 3 February 1648 in the Paroisse de Notre-Dame-de-Québec, Québec. He left his land at Beaupré to retire to Beauport.
He then married Marie CHAPELIER on 29 November 1649 in Notre-Dame-de-Québec,Québec. That same year, the Jesuits opened the Cap-de-La-Madeleine and he left there for a while. He probably worked at Trois-Rivières because the town was being built at that time and his skill as a brick-maker was in demand. He returned to Québec in 1651. The Jesuits entrusted him with their estate of Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours near the Beauport River. On 24 March 1653, they granted him a piece of land close to the river. He sold it to René CHEVALIER on 12 August 1655 and returned to Château-Richer. He died on 1 and was buried on 2 June 1685 in Château-Richer. (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)

1655. Marie Anne CLOUTIER was born and baptized 19 January 1626 in St-Jean-de-Mortaque, Perche, France. She arrived in New France on 4 June 1634, 100 years after Jacques CARTIER. She was one of the first to sign a marriage contract in Canada on 27 July 1636. Jean Guyon was a witness of this document. She was only 11 years old when she married. The young mother had six children but only two survived. Marie Anne died at the age of 22, on 2 and was buried 3 February 1648 in Notre-Dame-de-Québec, Québec. (5)

The Ancestral Lineages from Robert Drouin & Anne Cloutier: eleven ancestors to Bélanger-Léveillée & Regnière-Lavallée & Salvas-Lavallée & Drouin-Coombs in Acrobat .pdf format.

Children were:

child387 vi. Jeanne DROUIN was born in December 1646 and baptized on 5 February 1647 in Notre-Dame de Québec. She married Pierre MAHEU on 10 November 1659 in Notre-Dame-de-Québec, Beauport,Québec. She died on 24 and buried on 25 June 1732in Notre-Dame-de-Québec, Beauport, Québec. Pierre was born on 23 December 1630 in St-Jean de Mortaque, Perche, France. He died on 12 and was buried on 13 May 1717 in the paroisse de Notre-Dame-de-Québec, Beauport. (1)(5)

i. Agnès was born 25 January and died 31 January 1732 in Québec. (1)

ii. Anonymous female was born and died on 8 November 1641 in Québec.(1)

iii. Anonymous male was born and died 22 November 1642 n Québec. (1)

iv. Geneviève was born 19 October 1643 in Québec. She married Romain TREPANIER 24 April 1656 in Québec. She died 4 October 1710 in Château-Richer. (1)

Geneviève DETREPAGNY married Jean Baptiste COTÉ 18 November 1699 in Château-Richer.
Elisabeth COTÉ was born 22 July 1726 in Château-Richer. She married Louis ROCHELEAU 28 February 1745.

v. Anonymous male was born and died in 1645 in Québec. (1)

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Robert Drouin had 11 children.
Robert and his second wife Marie CHAPELIERhad 8 children.
Nicolas, the 12 year old son of Robert, "being afflicted by a falling sickness (epilepsy) who was in danger of dying in the fire or in the water, often fell down as if dead wherever he found himself, vowed to Saint Anne and started a novena in her honor...and recovered his health" on the feast day of Saint Anne, 26 Jul 1662. His recovery was complete. "He continued all the years with his parents to give thanks to Saint Anne on her feast day, at the church of the little cape."
The Society of Drouins of America tell us that of all these children, Nicolas and Étienne were the only ones to have perpetuated the name of their father. They married two sisters, Marie LOIGANand Catherine LOIGAN, daughters of Pierre LOIGAN & Françoise ROUSSIN, originally from Tourouvre in Perche; therefore the Drouin family is doubly attached to the ancient province. The other children allied themselves as follows: Marie to Nicholas LEBEL; Marguerite to Jean GAGNON and to Antoine DARDE; Catherine to Michel ROULOIS and to Guillaume SIMIN.
In 1664, their daughter Marie, married in November 1662 to Nicolas LEBEL, drowned at Rivière-aux-Chiens "coming to Sainte-Anne to hear the Holy Mass... and with the intention of making her devotions".
Geneviève and Jeanne, the children of the first marriage, married Romain TREPAGNY and Pierre MAHEU.
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