786. Charles CADIEU-COURVILLE was born about 1628 in Thury-Jarcourt, Normandie. He was raised by the Jesuits at Sillery, where he was living in 1641 at the same time as René GOUPIL. He was sent back to France in 1641 when he was accused of trying to kidnap Madame Uette d'Auteuil. He was an ancestor of Wilfrid Laurier He married Michelle Madeleine MARCARD before 12 January 1653 in France. He returned to Canada in 1655 with his wife. He won employment in the fur trade because of his knowledge of the native languages. He was associated with Louis COUILLARD. LaSalle tried to persuade him to testify against the Jesuits in 1669 to Governor COURCELLE but he refused to do so. He died in 1715. (1)(3)

787. Michelle Madeleine MARCARD was also known as Madeleine MACART.

Children were:

child393 vii. Louise CADIEU-COURVILLE was born on 7 September 1667 in Québec. She married Vincent VACHON on 26 June 1685 in Beauport. She died on 20 January 1703 in Beauport. (1)(2)

   Nine other children. (1)

Relationship Charts - Léveillée & Paré Ancestry

Cardinal Joseph Armand Marc Ouellet
was a descendant of
Charles Cadieu Courville & Michelle Madeleine Marcard.

Bishop Charles François Baillargeon
was also a descendant of
Charles Cadieu Courville & Michelle Madeleine Marcard

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