490. Jean Baptiste LECLERC-LECLAIR, also known as Jean LECLAIR-LAFRENAYE, was born before 1665. He married Geneviève CIRCE dit ST-MICHEL on 23 August 1706 somewhere in Québec. He died on 18 July 1740 in St-Ours. (1)(2)

491. Geneviève CIRCE dit ST-MICHEL was born on 27 January 1685 in Batiscan.

Children were:

child245 viii. Marie Charlotte LECLAIRE-LAFRENAYE was born on 6 January 1729 in St-Ours. She was also known as Charlotte LECLAIRE and Marie Jeanne LAFRENAYE. She married Basile PLOUF on 10 January 1746 in Contrecoeur. (1)(3)

child   Ten other children: seven older and two younger than Marie Charlotte. (1)

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