1968. Pierre MÉNARD STONGE married Marguerite DESHAIES before 31 Dec 1670 in the province of Québec. They lived in St-Ours, Richelieu County, Québec. Pierre was a Seignioral Notary and Cobbler.(1)

1969. Marguerite DESHAIES was a Fille du Roi, from some unknown part in France.

Children were:

ii. Marie Marguerite was born before 1672 in the province of Québec. She first married François GELINEAU 15 May 1687 in Contrecoeur, Verchères. She also married Luc DEGUIRE in 1693 and then, at 29 years old, she married Louis GAUTHEIR on 25 Jan 1701 in St-Ours. She died 12 Mar 1713 in Repentigny, l'Assomption. (1)(4)

ii. Pierre MÉNARD STONGEwas born before 1672 in the province of Québec. He married Suzanne LAPORTE STGEORGES 21 Jan 1695 in St-Ours, Richelieu County. Suzanne was born in Pointe-aux-Trembles de Montréal on 28 Feb 1676. Pierre died on 26 and was buried on 27 May 1746 in Contrecoeur, Verchères County. There is another entry in the parish register of Petit St-Ours that he was buried on 27 May 1756:

"L'an Mil sept cent quarante six, le vingt sept de mai, par nous Soussigné prestre a été inhumé dans le Cimetière de St-Ours, le corps du Sieur Pierre Ménard décédé hier après avoir reçue les sacrements de pénitence viatique et extrème onction. Présents, Pierre Paturin et Emery qui ont déclaré ne savoir signé. Charles Beaudouin Ptre."

"The year one thousand seven hundred forty-six, the twenty-seventh of May, by us the undesigned priest was buried in the cemetery of St-Ours, the body of Sir Pierre Ménard who died yesterday after having received the sacraments of Penance, Viaticu and Extreme-Unction. Present, Pierre Paturin and Emery who declared not knowing how to sign. Charles Beaudouin Prst."

Suzanne was buried on 28 Oct 1743 in Contrecoeur. (2)(3)(4)(5)

iii. Marie Madeleine was born 5 Dec 1673 and baptized 2 Feb 1674 in Sorel. She married Pierre LABBÉ CHEVALIER on 10 Oct 1697 in Montréal. Her second marriage was to Jean-François DELPÊCHES on 27 Jul 1711 in St-Ours, Richelieu County. She died 10 Mar 1758 in St-Sulpice. (1)

iv. Marie Geneviève was born 21 Jul 1677 in Sorel or at St-Ours. She was baptized in the Lord's house and registered in five different parishes: Contrecoeur, Verchères, Sorel, Boucherville and Montréal. She married Guillaume PAYET STAMOUR 11 Jan 1700 in Pointe-aux-Trembles. She died 4 Dec 1755 in Repentigny. (1)(4)

v. Marie Catherine was born before 1680. A marriage contract was written up by the Notary Adhémair on 11 Dec 1698. She married Jean DEGUIRE LAROSE on 25 May 1701. She died 15 Sep 1713 in Montréal. (1)

vi. Adrien was born 29 Oct in St-Ours and was baptized on 8 Nov 1682 in Contrecoeur. He married Élisabeth Isabelle Marie FAYOLLE MARQUIS before 31 Dec 1704. Élisabeth was born on 3 and baptized on 4 Feb 1686 in the parish of Ste-Trinité in Contrecoeur. Adrien died 17 Sep 1714 in Montréal. (1)(4)

vii. François Marie was born 19 Dec 1685 St-Ours and baptized in Contrecoeur. A marriage contract was written up by the Notary Senet on 9 Jan 1712. He married Marie Jeanne CHARPENTIER LAPAILLE 18 Jan 1712 in Repentigny. He died 17 Sep and was buried 18 Sep 1737 in Contrecoeur. (1)(4)

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