484. Jean François BERGENIN dit LANGEVIN was born in 1690. He was also known as BERGEVIN. He married Marie Madeleine Françoise TESSIER on 13 February 1713 in Beauport. He died on 3 January 1758 in Charlesbourg, Canada. (1)(2)

485. Marie Madeleine Françoise TESSIER was born on 29 May 1694. She died on 24 July 1758.

Children were:

child242 vi. Germain BERGERIN dit LANGEVIN was born on 13 November 1722. He married Élisabeth NADEAU on 21 September 1750 in Charlesbourg, Canada. He was also known as Germain BERGEVIN.(1)(3)

   Eleven other children: five older and six younger than Germain. (1)

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