970. Mathieu TESSIER was also known as Mathieu TEXIER dit HARINGUE-LAPLANTE. He was a solider of (soldat de)M. De Bouraillon. He married Marguerite CARREAU on 25 November 1687 in Beauport. (1)(2)

971. Marguerite CARREAU was born on 16 Dec 1661 and baptized 24 June 1662 in Québec. She first married Louis PROVOST on 17 February 1681 in Château-Richer. She died 15 October 1737 in Beauport. She was sister to Marie CARREAU. (5)(6)(7)

Children were:

child207 iv. Marie Madeleine Françoise TESSIER was born 29 May 1694 in Beauport. She married Jean François BERGEVIN dit LANGEVIN on 13 February 1713 in Beauport. She died 23 July 1758 in Beauport. (1)(3)

child485 vi. Marie Magdeleine TESSIER was born and baptized on 4 February 1698 in Notre-Dame-de-Québec, Beauport. She married Pierre GARNIER GRENIER on 15 January 1714 in Notre-Dame-de-Québec, Beauport. Pierre was born and baptized on 27 May 1692 in L'Ange Guardien, Co. Montmorency, Québec. Pierre died on 10 and was buried on 11 December 1765 in Notre-Dame-de-Québec, Beauport. Magdeleine died on 10 and was buried on 11 November 1772 in Notre-Dame-de-Québec, Beauport. (1)(4)(7)

   Seven other children

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