3042. Jean CRETE CRESTE was born in November 1626 in St-Aubin de Tourouvre, diocese of Chartres, Perche, Departmentof Orne, France. He married Marguerite GOSSELIN dit GAULIN on 13 September 1654 in Québec. Jean owned property in the village Bourg de Fargy in 1665. He died on 4 and buried on 5 March 1717 in Beauport, Canada. (1)(2)

3043. Marguerite GOSSELIN dit GAULIN was born on 14 May 1627 in St-Martin du Vieux Belleme, diocese of Sees, Perche (Mortagne, Orne) France. She died on 15 January 1703 in Beauport.

Children were:

child1521 ii. Marie CRETE was born on 6 October 1657. At the time of her marriage, she was living in Beauport, Québec. She married Robert PÉPIN on 4 November 1670 in Québec. She died on 9 November 1722 in Québec. (1)(3)

viii. Marie[2] was born on 16 February 1668 in Québec. She married Jean Baptiste LEFEBVRE on 22 October 1685 in Beauport. (1)(4)

   Eight other children(1)

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