452. Jean MACLURE was born circa 1700 in the English Colonies (United States. He was also known as John McCLURE. He married Jeanne PHINES dit FIN before 25 January 1731 in New England (Nouvelle-Angleterre). (1)(2)

453. Jeanne PHINES was born circa 1701 in the English Colonies (United States). She died on 15 September 1774. She was also known as Jeanne FIN. (1)(3)

Children were:

child191 i. Marie Jeanne MACLURE was born 5 September 1731 in Albany (formerly Orange) New York. She married Louis Étienne PÉPIN on 25 May 1761 in the Hôpital général de Québec. Louis Étienne was born and baptized on 28 June 1737 in Notre-Dame de Québec. Étienne died on 9 and was buried on 10 December 1813 in Yamaska. Jeanne died on 5 and was buried on 6 August 1815 in Yamaska. (2)(6)(8)

child226 ii. Thomas MACLURE was born on 9 February 1735 in Albany, New York. He died on 30 May 1767 in Sorel, Quebec. He married Maria Charlotte FALARDEAU on 10 January 1757 in Charlesbourg, Canada. (2)(4)(5)(7)

Three other children

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