1462. François MONTOUR-DELPÉE was born in 1646 in St-Cerny, in Périgord, Guyenne. He died on 15 December 1725.
He was also known as François DELPÉE and as François Dit St-CERNY DELPÉE. He married Marie Angélique COUC on 30 August 1682 in Sorel, Richelieu, Québec, Canada and the marriage contract witnessed by Ameau on 27 July 1682. (1) According to PRDH Certificate 5215, François DELPÉ came from the parish of St-Serny in Périgord. When he was 34 years old, he married Marie Angélique COUC, from Sorel on 30 August 1682. François could not sign the marriage certificate; Marie could write her signature. His parents are listed as Jean DELPÉ & Jeanne (no last name listed), both from Sorel. Pierre COUC and Marie METOMIGOUK, both of Sorel, were listed as parents of Marie Angélique. The Certificate list Marie METOMIGOUK as an Indian. Joseph LEMIRE was a witness.
The officiating priest was the Pastor, Father Claude VOLANT, from Sorel. Certificate 83989 (5)

1463. Marie Angélique COUC was born in 1661 in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, St-Maurice, Québec. She died on 7 January 1749 (1750), Pointe du Lac, St. Maurice, Québec, Canada. She was also known as Angélique COUCQ.

Children were:

358 x. Maurice MONTOUR-DELPÉE was baptized on 19 June 1703 in Trois-Rivières. He was buried on 13 May 1749 at Pointe-du-Lac. He married Thérèse-Véronique PETIT on 27 July 1729 in Trois-Rivières, Québec.(2). Thérèse PETIT was baptized in 1710. (1)
Note: This will lead down to Norm Léveillée, author of this ancestral website.

    Children were:

childiii. Véronique MONTOUR-DELPÉE was born and baptized on 30 May 1733 in Trois-Rivières.
She married Pierre TALUSSIER LASALLE on 22 August 1757 in Pointe-du-Lac.
She was known as Véronique DELPÉ STCERNY MONTOUR.

i.Charles MONTOUR baptized in 1731. He married Marie-Louise DÉRY on 27 September 1756 at Pointe-du-Lac.
They had eight children:
       Charles, baptized 29 Jan 1757; Judith, baptized 29 October et buried 30 November 1758 at Trois-Rivières; Marie-Joseph baptized 5 February 1706 & buried 16 February 1761 at Yamachiche; Marie-Louise baptized 11 February 1762; Judith baptized 31 December 1763 at Yamachiche; Pierre baptized 23 October 1765; Elizabeth baptized 22 June 1767. (1)

ii.Pierre MONTOUR baptized 1730. He married Marie-Anne CHAUVET on 6 February 1758 at Pointe-du-Lac. She was baptized in 1736. They had four children:
      Anonyme baptized and buried 16 Nov 1758 at Pointe-du-Lac; Marie-Anne baptized 23       Mar 1760 at Trois-Rivières; Marie-Joseph baptized 29 Oct 1761 at Yamachiche;       Pierre baptized 19 Dec 1764 at Yamachiche. (1)

child271 iv. Marie-Anne Jeanne DELPÉE was born on 1 January 1690 in St-François-du-Lac.
She married Joseph PETIT aka PETIT-BRUNEAU on 8 January 1709 in Trois-Rivières, Québec(3). She died on 19 and was buried on 21 January 1740. (8)

i.Louis DELPÉE dit ST-CERNY or St-Sorny was born on 21 September 1684 in Sorel.
He married Jeanne BERGERON on 18 November 1725.
He then married Élisabeth Isabelle Marie SICARD on 3 July 1745.
He died on 17 March 1749 in Maskinongé.
Louis adopted the surname MONTOUR. (8)(9)(10)(11)

ii.Madeleine DELPÉE was born on 25 July 1686 in Sorel.
She died on 18 May 1715 in Trois-Rivières. (8)

iii. Pierre(1) DELPÉE was born on 26 June 1688. He died and was buried on 29 June 1688 in St-François-du-Lac.
In attendace were Pierre COUC, his grandfather, and Pierre NIQUET.
Father Benoit DUPLEIN adminstered the sacrament of baptism. (7) (8)

v. Jean-Baptiste DELPÉE dit St.Cerny. was born before 1691 in Québec.
He died on 16 December 1709 in Trois-Rivières. (8)

vi. Marie-Jeanne DELPÉE dit St.Cerny or St-Sorny was born before 1693.
She died on 10 January 1711 in Trois-Rivières. (8)

vii. Pierre(2) DELPÉ was born on 8 July 1695 in Trois-Rivières.
He married Marie Élisabeth Isabelle CARPENTIER
before 31 December 1726.
He died on 3 June 1730 in Trois-Rivières. (8)

viii. François DELPÉE dit St.Cerny. was born on 25 March 1698 in Trois-Rivières.
He married Marie Catherine MORISSEAU BOISMOREL, daughter of Jean MORISSEAU & Anne PASTOREL, on 15 November 1728 in Trois-Rivières. He died on 3 December 1753 in Pointe-du-Lac. (4) (8)

ix. Marie-Véronique DELPÉE dit St.Cerny was born on 1 January 1700 in Trois-Rivières.
She died on 13 December 1718 in Trois-Rivières. (8)

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