5838. Gaspard BOUCHER was born in 1599 in Saint-Langis-lez-Mortagne, diocese of Sees, Perche, (Mortagne, Orne), France. Gaspard's parents were Jacques BOUCHER & Françoise PAIGNE who were married before 31 December 1610 in France. He was a carpener. He married Nicole LEMAIRE before 1 August 1622 (1619) in France. In 1646 he ceased being a farmer for the Jesuits at Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours and moved his family to Trois-Rivières. He finally acquired property on the St-Maurice River. It is possible that he burned to death in the fire that destroyed his house before 28 June 1668. (1)(2)(4)

5839. Nicole LEMAIRE was born 10 March 1595 in the town of Mamers, diocese of LeMans, Maine, France. She died after 1652. (4)

Children were:

child i. Pierre BOUCHER was born 1 August 1622 in France. He first married Marie Madeleine CHRÉTIEN, Ouébadinskoué, a Huron Amerindian, on 17 January 1649 somewhere in Québec. He then married Jeanne CREVIER, daughter of Christophe CREVIER & Jeanne ENARD, on 9 July 1672. He died on 19 April 1717 in Boucherville. (6)
For more information, see Késsinnimek-Roots-Racines March 2005 issue; article by Jacques Dunant.

iii. Marie BOUCHER was born on 22 January 1629 in France. She married Étienne LAFOND on 30 January 1645 in Québec. She died and was buried on 29 November 1706 in Bastiscan. (1)

child2919 v. Madeleine BOUCHER was born before 1633. She married Urbain BAUDRY on 18 November 1647 in Trois-Rivières, Québec. She died on 4 September 1691 in Trois-Rivières, Québec. (1)(3)(5)

Twoother children . (1)

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