1436. François PETIT was born in Lyon, Lyonnais. He was a Marchand in Lyon and Tours, France. He first married Jeanne GRAND who was buried in St-Paul, Lyon, in June 1658. He then married Jeanne GOBIN before 31 December 1660 in France. Other sources indicate that they were married 19 September 1658 in St-Saturnin in Tours. (3)

1437. Jeanne GOBIN was also known as Jeanne GOHIN. She was buried on 1 January 1674 at the age of 55, in St-Santurin, Tours. Her parents were Nicolas GOBIN & Marie MANGEANT. (1) (3)

Children of the first marriage:

Antoine was baptized on 10 March 1640 in St-Paul Lyon.
Louis baptized 29 November 1643.
Claude baptized 13 August 1645.
Claude baptized 17 August 1651. (3)

Children were:

child718 i. Pierre PETIT was baptized on 16 November 1660 in St-Paul, Lyon, Rhône. in France. He married Marguerite VÉRON dit GRANDMENIL on 4 November 1692 in Trois-Rivières. He died on 23 and buried on 24 April 1737 in the Paroise de L'Immaculée-Conception, Trois-Rivières, Québec. Marguerite born on 13 January and baptized on 21 February 1678 in L'Immaculée-Conception, Trois-Rivières. She died 11 and buried on 12 May 1748 in Trois-Rivières.(1)(2)(4)
Jean & Marie PETIT, jumeaux (twins), were baptized on 15 July 1663.(3)

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