vi. Marie Madeleine COUC dit LAFLEUR (LEFÈBRE) was born around 1669 in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Québec. She married Maurice MÉNARD. The PRDH Family Certificate No. 5378 does not indicate any location, just the date as "before 31 December 1684". (34)  (26k)

Maurice MÉNARD was born 6 June 1664 and baptized on 7 June 1664in Trois-Rivières and died 9 May 1741 in Chambly.
Maurice was a voyageur and an important interpreter at Fort Michilimackinac (Mackinaw City, Michigan). (75)

	i. Marguerite MÉNARD married Pierre BOILEAU 5 July 1706 in Boucherville.   
	      The LAPAN lineage.
	      The HARDT lineage.
	      The GRIFFIN lineage.	
	      The MATHEWS lineage.
	      The COACHE lineage.
	      The DAVIAU lineage.	
	      The AUBE lineage.
	      The ROY lineage.
	      The BOILEAU lineage.
	      The DELORME lineage
	      The TESTA lineage
	      The GOYETTE lineage
	ii. Marie Madeleine first married Charles BAVIC LAFLEUR on 11 November 1714 in Chambly.
	She then married Jean Baptiste RENAUDET on 5 May 1717 in an unknown location.
	 	The MENARD-RENAUDET lineage.
		The MÉNARD - SÉNÉSAC - BOSAK lineage.

	iii. Antoine MÉNARD was baptized in 1695, possibly April 28 at the mission of 
	St.Ignace, Michilimackinac. He married Marie HUET DULUDE on 7 January 1723 
	in Boucherville. He died 3 June 1764 in Chambly.(34)

 		Children:Marie-Charlotte MÉNARD & François PATENAUDE descendants:
			    	The Couc - Goyette Ancestry 
			    	The Couc - Dawson Ancestry 
			    	The Couc - Yorkell Ancestry
				The Couc - Patenaude Ancestry			   		 
			   Marie-Anne MÉNARD & Noël LAREAU descendants:
			    	The Couc - Ritchot Ancestry
		          	The Couc - Floyd Ancestry
	iv. Louis MÉNARD married Marie Françoise ROBIDOU on 5 February 1725
	in Longeuil. Louis and Marie had sixteen children:
	one son was named Joseph MÉNARD married Marie Angélique BERGEVIN. Joseph had a son 
	named Michel MÉNARD. 
	Their daughter Marie-Françoise married Maurice Plouf. 
	Another link: The JOHNSTON lineage.(44)(45)(46)
	v. Suzanne MÉNARD married Gabriel BOLON before 29 November 1726. They lived at
	Fort Michilimackinac.  Their daughter Marie-Louise BOLON was baptized 
	on 23 April 1728 
	with Jean-Baptiste Baron & Catherine 8eKiouKoué as godparents 
	at St. Joseph Miamis Mission by the Jesuit Mesaiger.
	vi. François married Marie Charlotte GEMME ROBERT JEANNEon 13 August 1736
	in Laprairie. They had ten children.(41)
	vii. Pierre was born 12 March 1701 in Boucherville.
	viii. Jean Baptiste was born 11 July 1703 in Boucherville.
	ix. Marguerite2 was born 20 July and died 24 July 1711 in Boucherville.

In the 1681 Census, Marie-Madeline is listed as 12 years old and living in St-François-du-Lac. (7)(26m)

Marie Madeleine Couc & Maurice Ménard  Note from Suzanne Sommerville - 2011

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