2926. Pierre COUC dit LAFLEUR was born around 1624, in Cognac, Saintes, Saintonge,(Xaintes, Xaintonge) Charente, France. He was mentioned as a soldier and interepreter at Trois-Rivières on 24 August 1651. He was also a farmer. For a time, he was also employed as a "coureur de bois". In PDRH, Certificate No. 38602 lists Pierre's birth around 1627 and his death and burial April 1690 in St-François-du-Lac.(29) There is a note on his Burial Certificate that a huge crowd of people attended his burial. (6) (33) (53) (77)   (57)

Pierre bought and owned land in Trois-Rivières, on the southwestern corner of Rue St-Pierre and Rue St-Michel, two blocks from the St. Lawrence River; also in Cap-de-la-Madeleine and in St-François-du-Lac in Québec. There are references to land grants by Notary A. Adhémar dit Saint-Martin. One is dated 14 October 1673, purchased from Jean Crevier, lord of the seignory at St-François-du-Lac. (36) The other is dated 19 September 1674 .

The following information is from Father Cyprian Tanguay's A Travers les Recherches, in a translation by Armand Demers, on page 60 Searching Through The Old Records of New France:

"6 August 1665: The burial of [Pierre] COUC dit Lafleur, 41, one of M. de Froment's soldiers, who had married Marie Mite8ameg8k8e in 1657 in Trois-Rivières. He had been shot accidently by one of his companions. "Occisus glande catapultae fotuito â socio". (Killed with a lead projectile catapulted by an ally)."

Author's note: I believe that Tanguay confused Pierre COUC of St-François-du-Lac who was wounded in 1665, perhaps with another Pierre Couc who was a solider of M. de Froment of the Carignan regiment, who was buried on 6 August 1665. The translation of the latin word "occisus" was erroneously listed as "killed" instead of "wounded". Or, the document referred to the "other" Pierre. We know from the Burial Certificate, that Pierre was enterred in April 1690 in St-François-du-Lac. (NAL, 27 November 2000). (26).  (55)   (52)

In Jetté's DGFQ, Pierre died in 1690 and was buried in St-François-du-Lac. He is listed as 40 years old in the 1667 Recensement (Census); 57 years old in the 1681 Census; and cité (mentioned) 24 August 1651 in Trois-Rivières; soldier, interpretor. In the Burial Certificate, Sépulture, Certificat No. 92972, the date is listed as April 1690 and Pierre's age at 63 years. It is also noted that the date of death occured between 5 April and 18 May 1690. (4) (7) (10)   (26b)   (74)

He married Marie MITE8AMEG8K8E (pronounced: mee-tee-wa-mee-gou-kwee)
on 16 April 1657 in the Cathedral de L'Assomption in Trois-Rivières, Québec.(9) The marriage was witnessed by Ameau STSEVERIN. The marriage is noted in the Jesuits Relations on page 265. According to the PRDH Marriage Certificate No. 89036, Pierre COUC LAFLEUR is from the Parish of Cognac and Marie MITEOUAMEGOUKOUE is an Algonquine. Two witnesses are listed as Charles PACHIRINI and Barthelemy ANARA8I, both Algonquin Indians. Others listed in this certificate are Nicolas COUC and Elisabeth TEMPLAIR, parents of Pierre COUC LAFLEUR; also listed are PERE and Ameau STSEVERIN, perhaps as witnesses. Jesuit Father Paul RAGUENEAU is the officiating priest. Refer to a copy of the original Marriage Register at Trois-Rivières. The PDRH Certificate No. 1045 lists the parents of Pierre as well as all Pierre and Marie's children who were married before 1800. Charles PACHIRINI was the sachem of the Algonquin Nation. (1) (9) (28) (77)  (26c)   (24b)  (56)

Simone Vincens has written an accurate biography of Pierre Couc within an historical perspective. Article by Simone Vincens in MÉMOIRES de la Société Généalogique Canadienne-Française, No. 139: Pierre Couc, pp. 33-45, Vol. XXX - No. 1, Jan-Fév-Mars 1979. (24)   The following links contain additional information on the COUC family: Don Rivara in the History of the Cooper-Matheny-Hewitt Family and the James Carten site.

Pierre COUC served as witness to several Catholic Baptisms:
          PERRINE, an Amerindian in 1651;      Pierre FORCIER in 1680;       JOSEPH, a Soquoquis in 1688.


Marie Mite8ameg8k8e

Documented Facts   or   Narrative Account

2927. Marie MITE8AMEG8K8E aka MITOUAMEGOUKOUE (French spelling)(pronounced:mee-tee-wa-mee-gou-kwee)was born around 1631-1632 in the "Nations des Ouionontateronon"(Huron word for Weskarini Band of the Algonkin Tribe), in the area between the Ottawa and the St-Maurice rivers in Québec. (42) She was baptized 6 November 1650 in Montréal. According to the Census 1681, Marie and her husband Pierre COUC were living in St-François-du-Lac. She died on 8 January 1699 and was buried in Trois-Rivières, Québec.(4) The Burial Certificate No. 89562 does not contain her name. It lists Marie as "sauvagesse" - "a native woman or person of the woods".
Suzanne Boivin Sommerville researched The Pierre Couc Estate. This document is part of her research on the Couc - Montour Family. (76)
  Mite8ameg8k8e translated in Abenaki as medawamegoakwi means swamp medicine, according to Elie Joubert. Refer to Message 65 on our Message Board. In the Marriage register (Laliberté and Mongeau) of the St-François-du-Lac p\Parish (1687-1965), she is listed as Marie MITROUAMIGONOUR. (5) (7)  (25)    (57)

She was a clan member of sachem Charles PACHINIRI of the Algonkin People.     According to Simone Vincens, Marie Mite8amig8k8e was an orphan. (24)

In Jetté's genealogy database (4), there is a GLARING ERROR: Marie's parents are incorrectly listed as:   Father: Barthelemi Mite8amig8k8é or Mitcominqui was born around 1600 in Québec.   (Author's note: Since Mite8ameg8k8e would have been her Algonkin name, she would not have had that same name as her father.)   Mother: Carole Pachirini (Jetté incorrectly translated Carolus (latin for Charles) into Carole). The Barthelemi mentioned above was in reality Barthelemi ANARAOUI (ANARA8I), an Algonkin of the clan of Sachem Pachirini who was baptized by Father Imbert DUPERON on 4 February 1643 in Montréal. (26)(27).

The Place d'Armes in Trois-Rivières was once named Fief Pachirini because land, at this spot, was granted to Sachem Pachirini, who built his village near the French fort for the protection of his clan.   In Québec, there is a Seigneurie Pachirini located in the muncipality of Trois-Rivières.

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Marie MITE8AMEG8K8E was firt married to ASSABABICH about 1645. Assababich was born around 1620. (43)
They had two children:

Catherine was born in 1647 and baptized 1 November 1652 in the "Cathédrale de l'Assomption", Trois-Rivières, Québec. Witnesses were Marie MITE8ANEG8K8E, mother, and Anne DUHERISSON. Jesuit priest, Father Joseph DUPERON performed the baptism. Her father Assababich was deceased. (8)

Pierre was baptized 6 May 1650 in the "Cathédrale de l'Assomption", Trois-Rivières, Québec. Witnesses were his father ASSABABICH , his mother MITEOUMIGOUKOUE and Pierre DESCHAMPS. (23)

In the Census of 1681, the family name is spelled COUQUE. (7)

Couc Mite8ameg8k8e Léveillée Lineage  in Acrobat .pdf file format. Our Algonquin Lineage & Heritage.

The Descendants:
     Marie Mite8meg8k8e - Marie Angélique Couc - Maurice Delpé Montour - Véronique Montour
     Marguerite Talussier Lasalle - Joseph Michel Léveillé Fourquin - Joseph Léveillé Fourquin
     Angèle Léveillé Fourquin - Césaire Émile Théroux - Jean Baptiste Léveillée - Normand Léveillée


    Children of Pierre COUC and Marie MITE8AMEG8K8E were:

543 iii. Marie Angélique COUC was born around 1662, in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Québec. She was also known as Angélique COUC. The PDRH Acte 19527 lists her birth around 1662 and her death as 7 January 1750 in Pointe-du-Lac, County St-Maurice, Québec.(31)    Her Burial Certificate lists her age at 81 years old. Her name is spelled Angélique CAOU. In the Census of 1667, she is listed as 5 years old; in the Census of 1681, she is listed as 18 years old and a resident of St-François-du-Lac, 24 years old in Census 1682. She married François DELPÉ MONTOUR aka St-Cerny/St-Sorny/St-Serny 30 August 1682 in the parish of St-Pierre, Sorel, Comté Richelieu. The PDRH Marriage Certificate No. 83989 lists the parents of the groom and the bride, as well as a witness and the officiating priest. (4) (7) (30) (31) (32) (77)  (26e)
Marie Angélique is the ancestor of the Léveillée (this author) lineage.
Refer to Susanne Boivin Sommerville's article in Roots - Racines - Késsinnimek, July 2003.


childi. Jeanne COUC dit LAFLEUR was born and baptized 14 July 1657 in Trois-Rivières, Québec. On the PRDH Baptismal Certificate No. 87418, her parents are listed as Pierre LAFLEUR and Marie MITEOUAMIGOUKOUE, an Indian. Godparents were DESCROISELIERS and DELAMESLEE. Jesuit Father Pierre BAILLLOQUET was the officiating priest. She was murdered by Jean Rattier dit DuBuisson on 24 October 1679 (20) and was buried on 25 October 1679 in Trois-Rivières. On the Burial Certificate, her father is listed as Pierre COUC LAFLEUR and her mother as Marie, an Algonquine. Her sister is listed as Angélique COUP. The writer of the document did not inscribe his signature. She is not listed in the Census of 1681. (7) (13) (15) (26f)


childii. Louis COUC dit MONTOUR was baptized 27 November 1659 in Trois-Rivières. On his Baptismal Certificate, his surname is listed as LAFLEUR, with his father listed simply as LAFLEUR and his mother MITEOUAMEGOUKOUE (French spelling). Godparents are listed as NORMANVILLE and Madeleine SEGNEURET. The officiating priest was Father René MÉNARD.   In the Census 1681, he is listed as being the first born and 18 years old. He was first married to Madeleine SACOKIE in 1681. His second marriage was to Jeanne QUIQUETIG8K8É or OUIGATIGOCON 7 January 1687, St. François-du-Lac, Yamaska, Québec, Canada. On the Marriage Certificate No. 92887, the date is listed as 7 January 1688, and also in the St-François-du-Lac Parish Register.(19) He was a legal "voyageur" moving back and forth between Pays-d'en-Haut and the mother colony. He defected from the French in 1707. He continued, however, to move back and forth until he was assassinated in the spring of 1709 while bringing a group of western Indians (probably Mississaugas) to trade at Albany. His sister and his wife continued to lead this group to Albany that year. His sister led another group the next year. She became interpreter for the government of New York by 1712. (5) (7) (12) (77)(26g)   (26h)  (20b) (47)

Children with Madeleine SACOKIE were:

	i. François COUC dit MONTOUR was born 4 June 1681 at Sorel.
	He died 9 Dec 1700 in Trois-Rivières. (47)
	ii. Jacques COUC aka Jean MONTOUR was baptized 5 January 1684
	in Trois-Rivières. (38) (47)
Children with Jeanne QUIQUETIG8K8É were:
	iii. Marie-Madeleine COUC-MONTOUR was baptized in 1687. She was buried 28 February 1697 
	in Trois-Rivières. (48)(58)

	iv. Joseph MONTOUR was born in November 1687 and baptized 7 January 1688
	in St-François-du-Lac. Godparents and witnesses were Jean PÉRÉ,
	a bourgeois merchant, Pierre COUC, grandfather and
	Marie Madeleine COUC, aunt.
	Officating priest was B. DUPLEIN of St-François-du-Lac. The
	original Baptismal Certificate was torn, leaving out the name
	of the baby boy and the date. (18)(47)(48)
	He married Élizabeth Isabelle MONTIO/ONONTIO, a Huron from Detroit
	before 30 Oct 1711. Joseph and Élizabeth had a son and a daughter. (49)(50)
		Joseph was born around April 1714 in Ste-Anne-de-Détroit. 
		He was baptized on 23 July 1714 in Montréal.(51)
		Madeleine was baptized 30 October 1711 at Fort Pontchartrain 
		(Ste-Anne-de-Détroit); godparents were Pierre ROY & Marguerite FAFART 
		(wife of Turpin and daughter of Marguerite COUC & Jean FAFARD).


childiv. Marguerite COUC dit LAFLEUR was born 1 June 1664 and baptized on 5 June 1664 in the Cathédrale de L'Assomption, Trois-Rivières, St-Maurice, Québec. On the Baptismal certificate, her father is listed as Pierre COUC and mother as Marie MITEOUMIGOU. There were three witnesses: Jean PÈRE, Jeanne CREVIER and her husband BOUCHER, Governor. The officating priest was Jesuit Father François LE MERCIER. She is listed as 16 years old in the Census 1681. She married Jean FAFARD dit Jean FAFART dit Maconce or Macons (1657-1756) in 1682 in Sault Ste-Marie, Michigan. Jean was born and baptized on 18 September 1657 in the Cathédrale de L'Assomption, Trois-Rivières, Québec. Jean FAFARD was a famous legal voyageur and interpreter. (2) (4) (7) (11) (20) (75)(26i)
   They had three children:

i. Marie-Anne FAFARD/MACONCE married Louis JAVILLON in 1722. Louis, then a soldier, was documented at Fort Pontchartrain on 9 July 1713, where he served as godfather for a Huron (Ste-Anne). Marie-Anne was buried at Détroit on 29 Sept 1752, at age 55. (66)


Angélique Lafeuillade JAVILLON was born 15 August 1717 in Lachine. She married Michel Antoine Quesnel on 9 April 1736 in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue.
Antoine QUESNEL was born on 20 Oct 1737 in Ste Anne de Bellevue, Montreal, Quebec. He married Élizabeth SEGUIN on 15 Nov 1762 in Lac des Deux Montagnes, Oka, Québec. Antoine died on 15 Aug 1827 in Ste Madeleine, Rigaud, Vaudreuil, Québec.(54)

Jean Noel QUESNEL married Appoline Corinne SABOURIN

Jean Baptiste QUESNEL was born in 1770. He married Geneviève BESNER, daugher of Jean BAZANAIRE & Marie-Anne GRUZELIN on 4 November 1793 in Vaudreuil, Québec, Canada.

Louis was born 13 June 1715 in Ste-Anne-de-Detroit. He married Marie Elizabeth ANENONTA/ONONTAS 1 January 1743 in Oka.
Jean-Baptiste was born 14 July and died 27 July 1721 in Pointe-Claire.
ii. Marguerite FAFARD married Jean-Baptiste TURPIN on 5 May 1710 in Ste-Anne-de-Détroit. Prior to his marriage, Jean-Baptiste TURPIN had a child out of wedlock with Marie Marguerite PRESSEAU CHAMBLY. Their son Jean-Baptiste TURPIN was born on 3 September 1703 in Lachine. He married Marie Louise VIVIER LADOUCEUR LAMADELEINE on 1732-02-26 in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue. (78)
iii. Jean Baptiste FAFARD dit MACONCE married Marguerite Joseph QUEROTI 4 November 1715 at Fort Pontchartrain. She was the daughter of Joseph & Josephte QUEROTI, Hurons de Nation. They resided at Détroit for a time. Jean traveled to the New York area to trade in the 1720's; he is identifed as the nephew of the Montour who was assassinated. He died at Détroit and was buried there 21 Dec 1756. (66)

Marguerite then married Michel MASSÉ before 31 December 1705 in Detroit. Michel died on 21 and was buried on 22 June 1730, at about 54 years old, at Montréal. Marguerite sold some property on 8 June 1740.
She would have been 76 years old in 1740. (67)
They had two children:
	i. Françoise was born before 1705 in Ste-Anne-de-Détroit,
	 married Pierre LEDUC SOULIGNY on 28 May 1731 in Montréal. 
	 She gave birth 30 March to Pierre who was baptized 31 March 1731 at Montréal.
	 She died 19 Oct 1733 in Montréal. 
	 Pierre remarried twice after her death. (68)(69)(70)(71)
	ii. Geneviève married Jean Henri LYDIUS aka John HENDRICKS on 13 February 1727 
	in Montréal. Geneviève gave birth to at least two Lydius children 
	in Montréal by 1730. The Lydius family was in Albany, NY after 1730. 	
	Geneviève died there. John Henry LYDIUS died in England.

i. Élisabeth Gertrude Sara LYDIUS was baptized 27 February 1728 in Notre-Dame de Montréal.
ii. Jean Louis LYDIUS was baptized 1 November 1729 also in Notre-Dame.
iii. Geneviève Agathe LYDIUS was buried 17 December 1730.
iv. Martin LYDIUS was born in New York.
v. Sara LYDIUS was also born in New York.
Refer to Geneviève Massé in Suzanne Sommerville's article in Késsinnimek - Roots - Racines. (66)(72)(73)


childv. Élisabeth/Isabelle COUC dit LAFLEUR/MONTOUR, known as Madame Montour, was born around 1667, in Trois-Rivières. In the 1667 Census, she is listed as 3 months old; 14 years old in the 1681 Census. A Marriage Contract was drawn up by the Notary Antoine ADHEMAR, of Cap-de-la-Madeleine, on 26 April 1684 between Joachim GERMANO/GERMANEAU, of Rivière dite du Loup, originally from the Parish of St-Maxime, city of Confoulands, diocese of Limoges, France, and Isabelle COUC of St-François. Neither were able to sign the document. Listed on the document were his parents Jean GERMANO/GERMANEAU and Catherine CHOURY, of St-François, and her parents Pierre COUC DELAFLEUR and Marie METOMIGOROUE, an Amerindian, both of St-François. (16)   According to Marriage Certificate No. 83991 in PDRH, she married Joachim GERMANEAU aka GERMANO 30 April 1684, Sorel, Richelieu, Québec. Listed on the certificate are Joachim's father Joachim GERMANO and his mother Marie CHOUFY, and Elisabeth's parents Pierre COUC and Marie, an Amerindian. (17)   Madame Montour was commonly known as "La femme de Tichenet" and "LaTichenette". She was referred to later on as "La Chenette" in only one 1708 document, the one written by d'Aigremont. (4)(7)(16)(22)  (26j)

Children of first marriage were:

	Michel GERMANEAU was born before 1695. He married Marie Catherine LAPIERRE/LECUYER 
	on 5 Apr 1717 in Montréal. He died 15 May 1734 in Montréal. (59)(60)(61)(62)

	Marie Anne GERMANEAU/MONTOUR was born around 1695. 
	She married Jean-Baptiste MONTARY/JOLICOEUR on 30 Jan 1730 in Québec. 
	She died 22 Apr and buried 23 April 1730 in Québec. 
	Her father is said to be a man name LAMOTTE on her church marriage record
	and as Jean-Baptiste MONTOUR on the marriage contract. On the church record, 
	her mother is listed as Élisabeth COUCQNAC of the town of Orange (Albany, NY), 
	where Madame Montour interpreted until just shortly before 1727; and Marie-Anne
	herself is said to be "anglaise de nation". On the marriage contract, 		
	her mother is Isabelle MONTOUR.(63)(64)(65)
	See Suzanne Boivin Sommeville's Part 13 in Késsinnimek-Roots-Racines.

Second marriage to Pierre TICHENET by 1704. Pierre TICHENET was killed during the Ottawa/Miami conflict at Fort Pontchartrain in 1706. Pierre was the son of Alexandre TÉCHENAY/TINCHENET who married Marie BOUILLON, from Saintonge, on 16 August 1668 at Québec.

Third Marriage to Oneida CARANDAWANA after 1706.

	Andrew MONTOUR born in a Seneca village in New York after 1707.
	Andrew married Sarah/Sally Ainse (1728-1823)in 1745. He died in 1774.
	George Washington wrote to Andrew Montour in 1755. Andrew received the respect 
	and recommendation of James Hamilton on 8 August 1750.

		 Captain John Montour, born around 1744, was an important Delaware 
		military leader on the Pennsylvania/Ohio frontier. 

		Nicolas MONTOUR was baptized on 31 Oct 1756; his godparents were 
		his cousins Martin LYDIUS & Sara LYDIUS. Nicolas made his fortune in the 
		Far West fur trade and bought the seigneury of Pointe-du-Lac, St-Maurice, 
		where his great-aunt Marie Angélique Delpée died.
		Nicholas became a partner in 1784 in the North West Company.
		Additional information: Nicholas Montour - Canadian Biography Online
		If this link is not active, try Nicholas Montour in this site.
	French Margaret MONTOUR married Peter QUEBEC who was also known as KATARIONIECHA. 
		They had several children.
	Louis/Lewis MONTOUR lived in Pennsylvania in the 1750's.

There is a well documented article by Suzanne Boivin Sommerville in our online magazine:
Roots - Racines -Késsinnimek on Isabelle Couc / Madame Montour and two ofher husbands:Joachim GERMANEAU and Pierre TICHENET.
Refer also to Part 6 and Part 7 of All Sources Are Not Created Equal.
Additional information: Élisabeth Couc - Canadian Biography Online by William Hunter.
If that link is not active, try Élisabeth Montour in this site.


vi. Marie Madeleine COUC dit LAFLEUR (LEFÈBRE) was born around 1669 in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Québec. She married Maurice MÉNARD. The PRDH Family Certificate No. 5378 does not indicate any location, just the date as "before 31 December 1684". (34)  (26k)

Maurice MÉNARD was born 6 June 1664 and baptized on 7 June 1664in Trois-Rivières and died 9 May 1741 in Chambly.
Maurice was a voyageur and an important interpreter at Fort Michilimackinac (Mackinaw City, Michigan). (75)

	i. Marguerite MÉNARD married Pierre BOILEAU 5 July 1706 in Boucherville.   
	      The LAPAN lineage.
	      The HARDT lineage.
	      The GRIFFIN lineage.	
	      The MATHEWS lineage.
	      The COACHE lineage.
	      The DAVIAU lineage.	
	      The AUBE lineage.
	      The ROY lineage.
	      The BOILEAU lineage.
	      The DELORME lineage
	      The TESTA lineage
	      The GOYETTE lineage
	ii. Marie Madeleine first married Charles BAVIC LAFLEUR on 11 November 1714 in Chambly.
	She then married Jean Baptiste RENAUDET on 5 May 1717 in an unknown location.
	 	The MENARD-RENAUDET lineage.
		The MÉNARD - SÉNÉSAC - BOSAK lineage.

	iii. Antoine MÉNARD was baptized in 1695, possibly April 28 at the mission of 
	St.Ignace, Michilimackinac. He married Marie HUET DULUDE on 7 January 1723 
	in Boucherville. He died 3 June 1764 in Chambly.(34)

 		Children:Marie-Charlotte MÉNARD & François PATENAUDE descendants:
			    	The Couc - Goyette Ancestry 
			    	The Couc - Dawson Ancestry 
			    	The Couc - Yorkell Ancestry
				The Couc - Patenaude Ancestry			   		 
			   Marie-Anne MÉNARD & Noël LAREAU descendants:
			    	The Couc - Ritchot Ancestry
		          	The Couc - Floyd Ancestry
	iv. Louis MÉNARD married Marie Françoise ROBIDOU on 5 February 1725
	in Longeuil. Louis and Marie had sixteen children:
	one son was named Joseph MÉNARD married Marie Angélique BERGEVIN. Joseph had a son 
	named Michel MÉNARD. 
	Their daughter Marie-Françoise married Maurice Plouf. 
	v. Suzanne MÉNARD married Gabriel BOLON before 29 November 1726. They lived at
	Fort Michilimackinac.  Their daughter Marie-Louise BOLON was baptized 
	on 23 April 1728 
	with Jean-Baptiste Baron & Catherine 8eKiouKoué as godparents 
	at St. Joseph Miamis Mission by the Jesuit Mesaiger.
	vi. François married Marie Charlotte GEMME ROBERT JEANNEon 13 August 1736
	in Laprairie. They had ten children.(41)
	vii. Pierre was born 12 March 1701 in Boucherville.
	viii. Jean Baptiste was born 11 July 1703 in Boucherville.
	ix. Marguerite2 was born 20 July and died 24 July 1711 in Boucherville.

In the 1681 Census, Marie-Madeline is listed as 12 years old and living in St-François-du-Lac. (7)(26m)

Marie Madeleine Couc & Maurice Ménard  Note from Suzanne Sommerville - 2011
On 11 Feb 1689, Marie Madeleine COUC and Martin REMI, Sargent in the M. DelaMotte Company, were godparents at the baptism of Thérèse, a Soquoquis Indian. Her parents are listed as MASCOROMENI and MATECOUAT.
Pierre COUC is also listed as a witness. The Augustin Father Dominique DESTEELIZABETH was the officating priest.
PRDH Certificate No. 92461. (14)

childvii. Jean-Baptiste (Sr.) COUC dit LAFLEUR was born in 1673. Before 24 November 1706, he married Anne SAUVAGESSE, an Algonkin or Sokokoi woman about 1705, in Lachine. He's listed as 8 years old in the 1681 Census.
See Sommerville's Part 8 article. (4) (7) (40) (26l)

	Children were:
	Jean-Baptiste (Jr.) COUC Dit LAFLEUR  was born 24 and baptized 28 November 1706 
	in Lachine. It appears that he lived in Pennsylvania and had a Delaware wife. (4)


The following links provide additional information about Pierre COUC, to others with whom I share ancestral lines
regarding Pierre.
Biographies and Histories of TRADERS/MERCHANTS/CHIEFS/OFFICERS/VOYAGEURS - Pierre Couc.
James Carten, Early French and Indian family histories and documents.

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(74) There are several articles relating to Pierre Couc and his Métis descendants:
        All Sources Are Not Created Equal - Parts 1 - 13 by Suzanne Boivin Sommerville in Késsinnimek - Roots - Racines:
Kessinnimek - Roots - Racines Index
These articles are also available on a CD at Késsinnimek - Roots - Racines - CD         Part 13
(75) Interprètes Métis Interpreters
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