702. Dominique JOUTRAS was born in 1643. He was also known as JUTRAS dit DESROISERS. He married Marie NIQUET on 9 January 1684 in Sorel, Quebec. He died on 26 March 1699 in Trois-Rivières, Québec. (1)(2)

703. Marie NIQUET was born before 1668 in Québec somewhere. She died 29 Nov 1706 in Trois-Rivières.

Children were:

child351 i. Françoise JOUTRAS Françoise was born and baptized on 7 March 1698 in the paroisse de L'Immaculée-Conception, Trois-Rivières, Québec. She married Antoine DESPINS GIGUÈRE on 22 July 1726 in St-François-du-Lac, Yamaska, Québec. Antoine died on 26 and was buried 27 April 1760 St-François-du-Lac, Yamaska, Québec. (4)(1)(3)

child   Six more children older than Françoise. (1)

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