948. Jean VALLÉE LAVALLÉE was born in 1652. He was also known as Jean LAVALLÉE dit PETIT JEAN. He immigrated from France to New France before 1671. He was a member of the Compagnie St.Ours et Menuisier. Jean and his family are mentioned in the Sorel Census of 1681. He married Marguerite DUSSON before 31 December 1671 in Sorel, Richelieu. He was killed by the Iroquois and was buried 12 July 1692 in Montréal. (5) (7)

Compagnie Dugué - Du Régiment de Chambellé (Champagne) - site en français. - Jean Vallée Lavallée dit Petit Jean. This link no longer works.

Liste des Migrants - Régiment de Carignan (9)

949. Marguerite DUSSON was born in 1656. She was also known as Marguerite BISSON. She died on 20 July 1731 in St-Pierre de Sorel, Richelieu, Québec. (7)

There are seven descending lineages from three of the children of Jean Vallée Lavallée & Marguerite Dusson to the Bélanger-Léveillée (3) & Regnière-Lavallée (3) & Théroux-Léveillée (1) Families.

   Children were:

child946 ii.Jean Baptiste LAVALLÉE/VALLÉE was baptized14 February 1674, Sorel, Richelieu, Québec. He married Jeanne-Catherine HUS 19 November 1702 in St-François-du-Lac, Yamaska, Québec. He died on 30 and was buried 31 December 1743 in St-Pierre de Sorel, Québec. Jeanne died on 2 and was buried on 3 June 1744 in St-Pierre de Sorel. (8) (1)(6). Note: This is the ancestor of Annette Lavallée Léveillée, wife of this site's author. (NAL)

child333 iii. Marie Françoise LAVALLÉE was born on 27 and baptized on 29 December 1675 in St-Pierre de Sorel, Québec. She married Marc Antoine PAUL HUS 5 December 1689 in Sorel. She died 27 January and was buried 28 January 1748 in St-Pierre de Sorel, Richelieu, Québec. (1)(8)

child501 iv. Marie Catherine LAVALLÉE was born 3 November 1678 at Sorel. She married Jean-Baptiste CHEVALIER on 28 November 1701 in Pointe-aux-Trembles. She died 24 February 1722 in Sorel. (1) (3) (4) (7)

child i.Jeanne Anne LAVALLÉE was born in 1671 at Sorel. She married Jean BERTRAND 5 July 1696 in Charlesbourg. She died 3 March 1715 in L'Ancienne-Lorette. (1)

child v.Pierre-Noël LAVALLÉE was born 4 April and baptized 5 April 1680 at Sorel. He was hired to go out West 10 July 1703 ("engagé Ouest 10 July 1703"). (1)

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