3678. Antoine HÉBERT was born about 1621. He married Geneviève LEFRANC in 1648. He was a cooper. (1)

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3679. Geneviève LEFRANC LEFRAND was born around 1613. (1) .

Children were:

child655 iii. Catherine HÉBERT was born around 1656. She married Joseph Jacques LEBLANC, son of Daniel LEBLANC & Françoise GAUDET, around 1673. Jacques died in St-Charles des Mines. (1)(4)

childi. Jean HÉBERT was born around 1649. He is listed as 22 years old in the Census of 1671. (1)(4)

childii. Jean HÉBERT was born around 1653. He married Marie-Anne DOUCET, daughter of Pierre DOUCET & Henriette PELLETRET, around 1676 or before 31 December 1682. He died before the Census of 1707. (1)(2)(3)(4)

Jean & Marie-Anne had 14 children:

iii. Jean HÉBERT was born around 1681. He was an inhabitant of Cobeguit. He first married Marie-Marguerite LANDRY around 1701. He then married Marguerite LEPRINCE, the daughter of Jacques LEPRINCE & Marguerite HÉBERT on 27 April 1734 in Grand Pré. Marie-Marguerite LANDRY, the daughter of Antoine LANDRY & Marie THIBODEAU was born on 4 September 1682 and baptized on 25 June 1684. Marie Marguerite died in SS-Pierre & Paul de Cobeguit. Jean died in SS-Pierre & Paul de Cobeguit. (1)

Jean & Marie-Marguerite had 12 chidren: Anne-Marie, Charles, Jean, Anne, Pierre,Joseph, Ambroise, François, Marguerite, Élisabeth, Marie-Madeleine, Charles.

There were no children of the second marriage. (1)

ii. Pierre HÉBERT dit LAPRADE ou LAPRADELLE was born around 1679. He first married Isabelle LANDRY around 1702. He then married Marie-Josèphe BLOU around 1710. He died after the Census 1754-1755. Isabelle LANDRY, the daughter of Antoine LANDRY & Marie THIBODEAU, was born on 23 June 1685 and was baptized on 13 May 1686 in Beaubassin. Isabelle died around 1709. Marie-Josèphe BLOU, the daughter of Jacques BLOU & Marie GIROUARD was born around 1687. Marie-Josèphe died before 1 January 1752 (Census). (1)
   Pierre & Isabelle had 4 children:

Jean dit LaPrade, Marguerite, Pierre dit Perroche, Marie

   Pierre & Marie-Josèphe had 6 children:
Joseph, François, Anne, Claude, Madeleine, Paul.

i. Jacques HÉBERT was born around 1677. He married Jeanne GAUDTROT around 1703. Jacques died on 27 and was buried on 28 November 1756, at the age of 80. Jeanne GAUTROT, the daughter of Claude GAUTROT & Marie THÉRIOT was born around 1687. (1)
   Jacques & Jeanne had 10 children:

Jacques dit BOUDICHE, Marie-Jeanne, Pierre dit le jeune, Madeleine, Magloire, Marguerite, Joseph, Jean-Baptiste, Marie-Josèphe, Anne.

v. Joseph HÉBERT was born around November 1685. He married Anne-Marie BOUDROT around 1707.Anne-Marie (Marie-Anne) BOUDROT BEAUDREAU, the daughter of Jean-Baptiste BOUDROT BEAUDREAU & Marie CORMIER, was born around 1690. (1)
   Joseph & Anne-Marie had 12 children:

Joseph, Marie(-Josèphe), Marguerite, Anne, Pierre, François dit CANADIEN, Isabelle, Madeleine, Marguerite, Marie-Josèphe, Jean, son.

vii. René dit GROC HÉBERT was born around 1689. He married Marie BOUDROT BEAUDREAU around 1707. He died on 29 and was buried on 30 August 1768 in Laprairie. Marie BOUDROT BEAUDREAU, the daughter of Claude BOUDROT BEAUDREAU & Anne-Marie THIBODEAU, was born around 1692. She died between 14 August 1763 (Census) and 29 August 1768. (1)
   René & Marie had 12 children:

Jean, Pierre, Joseph, Marie, Charles, Marguerite, Judith, Olivier, Jacques, François, Jean-Baptiste, Amand. (1)

viii.Augustin HÉBERT was born after the Census 1693. He married Marguerite Anne BOUDROT BEAUDREAU on 19 September 1712 in Grand-Pré. Marguerite Anne BOUDROT BEAUDREAU, the daughter of Claude BOUDROT BEAUDREAU & Anne-Marie THIBODEAU was born after 1693. (1)
   Augustin & Anne had 10 children:

Augustin, Pierre, Jean dit Jean-Augustin, Charles, Joseph, Olivier, Antoine, Anne-Marie, Marguerite, Marguerite-Josèphe.

iv. Jeanne HÉBERT (c.1683-c.1703-1767)

vi.Catherine HÉBERT (c.1688-c.1706-?)

ix. Madeleine HÉBERT (?-1714-1760)

x. daughter HÉBERT (c.1701-?-?)

xi. daughter HÉBERT (c.1701-?-?)

xii. Anne HÉBERT (?-c.1724-?)

xiii. François HÉBERT (?-c.1726-1762)

xiv. son HÉBERT (c.1707-?-?).(1)

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The land of Acadia was owned by France in the 1630's. For years, France wished to settle the area with its own people. Although men had been sent to start a settlement as early as 1604, no women were sent for over 30 years. In the mid 1630's, France started sending men and women to colonize the land. Among those settlers were two brothers, Antoine & Étienne Hébert.
It is believed the HÉBERT brothers arrived in Acadia between 1640 and 1648. The older brother, Antoine, was probably born between 1614 and 1621 (based on census reports). He arrived with his wife Geneviève Lefranc. Étienne was born about 1630 and married Marie Gaudet around 1650.
The identities of their parents and their place of origin are unknown. It was long thought their parents were Jacques HÉBERT & Marie JUNEAU of Haye-Descartes, Touraine, but this is now believed to be incorrect.
{Fr Archange Godbout: Vol. VII, No. 2, April, 1956, pp.122-123) Godbout's article offers evidence based on marriage dispensations that Antoine and Étienne were indeed brothers. They may have come from southern Loudon, since many of the settlers were recruited from this area.