1838. Joseph Jacques LEBLANC was born about 1651 in Port Royal, Acadia. His parents were Daniel LEBLANC & Françoise GAUDET. He married Catherine HÉBERT around 1673. (1)(8)

1839. Catherine HÉBERT was born in 1656.

Children were:

child327 vi. Catherine LEBLANC, the sixth child, was born about 1683. She married Pierre CORMIER before 12 December 1715. Pierre was born & baptized on 25 March 1682 in Beaubassin. Catherine died before 14 November 1740. Pierre died before 17 July 1730. (1)(2)(3)(8)(7)(Rc PR 1686 3a, Les Mines 1693 11a, Rc Bbn 1714)

childi. Jean LEBLANC was born about 1674. He married Marguerite RICHARD, daughter of Michel RICHARD & Madeleine BLANCHARD, about 1698. Jean died on 10 and was buried 11 June 1747. (1)(3)(8) (7)(Rc PR 1686 12a, Rc Les Mines 1693 19a)

childii. Marguerite LEBLANC was born about 1676. She married François CORMIER, son of Thomas CORMIER & Marie-Madeleine GIROUARD, about 1692. Marguerite died after 21 November 1740. (1)(3)(8)(7) (Rc PR 1686 11a, Rc Bbn 1693 16a, 1698 22a, 1700 24a, 1714)

childiii. Jacques LEBLANC was born about 1677. He married Élisabeth Isabelle BOUDROT, daughter of Claude BOUDROT & Anne-Marie THIBODEAU, about 1715. Jacques died between 1719 and 1723. (1)(3)(8)(9)(7)(Rc PR 1686 9a, Rc Les Mines 1693 17a)

childiv. Marie LEBLANC was born about 1680. She married Alexis CORMIER, son of Thomas CORMIER & Marie-Madeleine GIROUARD, about 1697. (1)(3)(8)(7) (Rc PR 1686 6a, Rc Les Mines 1693 15a, Rc Bbn 1698 19a, 1700 19a [sic], 1714)

childv. Anne LEBLANC was born about 1681. She married Pierre BREAU, son of Vincent BREAU & Marie BOURG and widower of Marie-Josèphe BOURGEOIS, about 1705. Anne was buried on 30 January 1770. (1)(3)(8)(7)(Rc PR 1686 5a, Les Mines 1693 11a, Rc Braintree [Mass.] 1757 77a)

childvii. Pierre LEBLANC was born about 1684. He married Marie LANDRY , daughter of René LANDRY & Anne THÉRIOT, on 15 November 1718 in Grand Pré. Pierre died and was buried on 25 May 1745 in Grand Pré. In the Les Mines census of 1693 he was listed with the name "Antoine". (1)(3)(8)(7)(Rc PR 1686 2a, Les Mines 1693 Antoine 13a [sic].

childviii. René LEBLANC was born around December 1685. He married Jeanne LANDRY, daughter of Claude LANDRY & Catherine THIBODEAU, about 1708. (1)(3)(8)(7) (Rc PR 1686 1 month)

childix. Cécile LEBLANC was born probably after the census of 1686. She married Michel BOUDROT, son of Claude BOUDROT & Anne-Marie THIBODEAU, about 1708. Cécile was buried on 26 May 1731 in Grand Pré. (1)(3)(8)(9)(7) (Rc Les Mines 1693 Geneviève 9a [sic])

childx. Madeleine LEBLANC was born about 1686. She married Michel HACHÉ dit GALLANT, son of Michel HACHÉ & Anne CORMIER, on 12 October 1711 in Grand Pré. Madeleine was buried on 4 October 1761 in Trois-Rivières. (1)(3)(8)(7)(Rc Les Mines 1693 7a, Rc Bbn 1714)

childxi. François LEBLANC was born about 1688. He married Marguerite BOUDROT, daughter of Claude BOUDROT & Anne-Marie THIBODEAU, on 19 September 1712 in Grand Pré. François died in 1761 (according to the inscription engraved on the powder-magazine of his son Jacques, in the Musée Acadien - selon l'inscription gravée sur la poudrière de son fils Jacques, au Musée acadien). (1)(3)(8)(9)(7) (Rc Les Mines 1693 5a, Rc Needham [Mass.] 1760)

childxii. Bernard LEBLANC was born about 1690. He married Marie BOURG , daughter of Alexandre BOURG & Marguerite MELANSON, on 7 February 1714 in Grand Pré. Bernard died between 1755 and the census of 14 August 1763. (1)(3)(5)(6)(8)(7) (Rc. Les Mines 1693 Pierre 3a)

childxiii. Ignace LEBLANC was born about 1692. She is listed as 1 year old in the Census Les Mines 1693. (1)(3)(8)(7)(Rc Les Mines 1693 1a)

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