3672. Robert CORMIER was a master ship carpenter in La Rochelle, France. He married Marie PERAUDE around 1635. On 8 January 1644, Robert, his wife Marie and their son Thomas set sail on the ship Le Petit Saint-Pierre to go work for three years at the Saint-Pierre Fort, in the Cap-Breton Île, under orders of the Fort Commander, Sieur Louis Tuffet, for the salary of 120 "livres" per year, according to the Contract written in the presence of François Moreau, procurator, and Martin de Harrabillague, clerk. (1)

3673. Marie PÉRAUDE

Children were:

child652 i. Thomas CORMIER was born around 1636. He was a carpenter. He married Madeline GIROUARD circa 1668. He died before the Census 1693. (1)

childii. Jean was born around July 1642. (1)

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(1) Stephen A. White, Dictionnaire généalogique des familles acadiennes, Université de Moncton, 1999, pp. 400-410.