1834. Charles MELANSON dit LA RAMÉE was born around 1643. He married Marie DUGAS around 1663 or before 31 December 1687 in Acadie. He died in 1700 or 1701 in Port-Royal. (1)(3)

1835. Marie DUGAS, daughter of Abraham DUGAS & Marguerite DOUCET, was born around 1648. She died on 7 and was buried on 8 July 1737 at about age 91. (3)

Children were:

child325 xiv. Marguerite MELANSON was born around 1693. She was also known as MELANÇON. She married Jean-Baptiste dit Toc LANDRY, son of Pierre LANDRY & Madeleine ROBICHAUD on 22 January 1714 in Acadie. She died, as a 74 year old widow, on 12 and was buried on 13 February 1758 in Québec. (2)(3)

childi. Marie MELANSONdit LAVERDURE was born around 1664. She married David BASSET aournd 1648. She died after 28 July 1732. (3)

childii. Marguerite MELANSON was born around 1666. (3)

childiii. Anne MELANSON was born around 1668. She first married Jacques de SAINT-ÉTIENNE de LA TOUR, son of Charles SAINT-ÉTIENNE de LA TOUR & Jeanne MOTIN De REUX, around 1685. She then married Alexandre ROBICHAUD, son of Étienne ROBICHAUD & Françoise BOUDROT, around 1700. She died on 26 and was buried on 27 September 1754 in Port-Royal, at the age of 80. She was buried in the cemetery of Ste-Anne. (3)

childiv. Cécile MELANSON was born around May 1671. She first married Abraham BOUDROT, son of Michel BOUDROT & Michelle AUCOIN, around 1686. She then married Jean BELLIVEAU, son of Antoine BELLIVEAU & Andrée GUYON, widower of Jeanne BOURG, around 1703. She died in île St-Jean after the Census 1735. (3)

childv. Élisabeth Isabelle MELANSON was born around 1673. She married Michel dit Michaud BOURG, son of (François BOURG & Marguerite BOUDROT, around 1689. (3)

childvi. Charles MELANSON was born around 1675. He married Anne dite Jeanne BOURG, daughter of François BOURG & Marguerite BOUDROT, around 1700. He died on 19 and was buried on 20 September 1757 at the age of 84. (3)

childCharles & Anne had 8 children: Charles (c1702-1727-c1763); Anne (1703-1707); Marie (1708-1733-?); Jean (1712-1742-1758); Anne (1715-1735-1757); Joseph (1718-1757); Pierre dit Parrotte (?-1746-c1792); Claude (1731-?).

childvii. Madeleine MELANSON was born around 1677. She marrried Jean BELLIVEAU le jeune, son of Jean BELLIVEAU & Jeanne BOURG, around 1696. (3)

childviii. Marie MELANSON was born around 1680. She married Charles BELLIVEAU dit BIDEAU, son of Jean BELLIVEAU & Jeanne BOURG, around 1680. She died on 14 and was buried on 15 May 1751 in Port-Royal at the age of 73. (3)

childix. Françoise MELANSON was born around 1683. She married Jean CYR, son of Pierre CYR & Marie BOURGEOIS, around 1698. She was buried in Beaubassin on 12 June 1720. (3)

childx. Ambroise MELANSON (twin) was born around March 1685. He first married Françoise BOURG, daughter of Bernard BOURG & Françoise BRUN), on 10 November 1705 in Port-Royal. Françoise was born around 1683 and was buried in Port-Royal on 15 December 1715 at age 35, in the cemetery above the river. Ambroise then married Marguerite COMEAU, daughter of Jean COMEAU l'ainé & Françoise HÉBERT, on 23 January 1719 in Port-Royal. Marguerite was born around 1699, died on 29 and was buried on 30 August 1757 in Québec, at the age of 58. Ambroise died on 7 and was buried on 8 August 1757 in Québec. (3)

Children with Françoise BOURG were: Charles (twin) (b.1706); Anonymous (b. 1706); Joseph (b.1708); Jean-Baptiste (1710-1732-1782); Madeleine (triplet) (1714-1735-c1750); Ambroise (triplet) (1714-1733-c1763); Marie (1714-1733-?); Marguerite (twin) (b.1715); Élisabeth (1715-1734-1757). (3)

Children with Marguerite COMEAU were: Anne (1720-1734-?); Cécile (1723-1743-1796); Marie-Françoise (1725-1747-1801); Pierre (1727-1758-1804); Jean dit Jean Jeannotte dit Barteau (1729-c1750-1806); Brigitte (1731-1751-1799); Modeste (b.1734); Marguerite (1736-c1755&1775-1780); Désiré (b.1739); Amand (1741-c1766-1818); Marie (m.c1759); Félicité (1745-1761-1768). (3)

childxi. Pierre MELANSON (twin) was born around March 1685. He married Anne GRANGER, daughter of Laurent GRANGER & Marie LANDRY, on 7 November 1712 in Port-Royal. Anne was born around 1684; she died on 13 and was buried in Port-Royal on 14 October 1749 at the age of 67. Pierre died and was buried on 6 August 1725 in Port-Royal. (3)

childChildren were: Marie-Josèphe (1714-1731-1793); Pierre (1715-1751-1783); Anne (1718-1752-1769); Charles (b.1721); Cécile (b.c1724-d.1749). (3)

childxii. Claude MELANSON was born around 1688. He married Marguerite BABINEAU, daughter of Jean BABINEAU & Marguerite BOUDROT, on 22 January 1714 in Port-Royal. Marguerite was born around 1694; she was buried on 28 January 1760 at the age of 60, in Très-Ste-Trinité de Cherbourg. Claude died on and was buried on 31 July 1757 in Port-Royal at the age of 45. (3)

childChildren were: Marie-Josèphe (b.1716-d.1717); Charles (1718-1753-1757); Marie-Marguerite (1721-c1743-?); Marie-Josèphe (b.c1725-d.1747); Jean-Baptiste (1727-c1750-1785); Anne (1731-1761-1804); Madeleine (1735-c1758-1803). (3)

childxiii. Jean dit Jani MELANSON was born around 1690. He married Marie-Madeleine PETITOT dit SAINT-SEINE, daughter of Denis PETITOT dit SAINT-SEINE & Marie ROBICHAUD, on 22 January 1714 in Port-Royal. Marie-Madeleine was born around 1694; she was buried in Très-Ste-Trinité de Cherbourg on 28 January 1760. Jean was buried in Très-Ste-Trinité de Cherbourg on 24 February 1760 .(3)

childChildren were: Marie (1714-1735-1772); Anne (1716-1761-1774); Madeleine (1718-1741-?); Marguerite (1722-1741-1808); Charles dit Charlot (1725-1746-?); Claude (b.c1727-d.1760); Jean (1728-1753-?); Pierre (b.1730); Denis (1733-1765-1776); Isabelle (b.1735-d.1763). (3)

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