7334. Michel BOUDROT was born around 1600. According to the Port-Royal Census of 1671, he is listed as being 71 years old and a plowman. He was Lieutenant General in Civil & Criminal affairs at Port-Royal. He married Michelle AUCOIN around 1641. He died between 20 August 1688 and the Port-Royal Census 1693. (1)(3)(4)

7335. Michelle AUCOIN was born around 1621. She died on 17 and was buried on 18 December 1706 in Port-Royal, at the age of 95. She had a sister Jeanne AUCOIN, who was born around 1631 and married François GIROUARD dit LAVARANNE circa 1647. (1)

Children were:

child1299 i. Françoise BOUDROT was born around 1642. She is listed as 29 years old in the Port-Royal Census of 1671. She married Étienne ROBICHAUD around 1663. In the Port-Royal Census of 1686, she is listed as 42 years old and a widow. She died after the Census of 1714. (1)

childii. Jeanne BOUDROT was born around 1645. She married Bonaventure dit Venture THÉRIOT, son of Jean THÉRIOT & Perrine RAU, around 1666. She died on 8 and was buried on 9 May 1710 at 60 years old. (1)

childiii. Charles BOUDROT was born around 1646. His first marriage was to Renée BOURG, born around 1655, daughter of Antoine BOURG & Antoinette LANDRY around 1672. Renée died in Ste-Famille before the Census 1686. (1)

Charles & Renée had eight children: Son (c.1673); Charles (c.1674-c.1700-?); Marie (c.1675-c.1693-?); Anne (c.1677-?); René (c.1678-c.1701-1748); Marguerite (c.1682-c.1705-1751); Claude(twin)(c. 1683-?); Jean-Baptiste (twin) (c.1683-c1702&c.1722-1758*). (1)
His second marriage was to Marie CORPORON, daughter of Jean CORPORON & Françoise SAVOIE, around 1687. She died in Ste-Famille de Pisiguit around Sept 1718. (1)
Charles & Marie had twelve children: Jérôme (c.1688-?); Denis (c.1690-c.1709-1754); Paul (c.1692-?); Pierre (m. 1714); Antoine (c.1694-c.1719-1769); François (m. 1720); Marie-Josèphe (m. 1719); Joseph (1700-1723-1763); Madeleine (c.1705-1727-1758); Catherine-Josèphe (c.1705-1735&1762-1799); Marguerite (1708-c.1726-1766); Unnamed daughter (between 1707&1714).

childiv. Marguerite BOUDROT was born around 1648. She first married François BOURG, son of Antoine BOURG & Antoinette LANDRY, around 1665. Her second marriage was to Jean BABINEAU around 1691. She died at 70 years old and was buried on 9 November 1718 in Port-Royal. (1)

childv. Marie BOUDROT was born around 1650 in Port-Royal. She married Michel POIRIER, son of Jean POIRIER & Jeanne CHEBRAT, around 1673. (1)

childvi. Jean BOUDROT was born around 1655. He married Marguerite BOURGEOIS, born around 1658, daughter of Jacques BOURGEOIS & Jeanne TRAHAN around 1676. Jean died before 30 November 1679. Marguerite married a second time to Emmanuel MIRANDE dit TAVARE on 30 November 1679 in Beaubassin. She married a third time to Pierre MAISONNAT dit BAPTISTE, widower of Judith SOUBIRAN on 12 January 1707 in Port-Royal. Marguerite died on 8 and was buried, "as a good Christian", on 9 August 1732 in Beaubassin, at the age of 72. (1)

Jean & Marguerite had one child: Marie-Anne who was born around 1677. She married Pierre ARSENEAU, son of Pierre ARSENEAU & Marguerite DUGAS around 1697.

childvii. Abraham BOUDROT was born around 1657 in Port-Royal. He was a shopkeeper. He married Cécile MELANSON, born around May 1671, daughter of Charles MELANSON & Marie DUGAS, around 1686. Abraham died around 1701. Cécile remarried to Jean BELLIVEAU, widower of Jeanne BOURG. She died on Île St-Jean after the Census 1735. (1)

Abraham & Cécile had six children: Charles dit Charlot (c1687-1707-c1726); Michel dit Miquetau (c1689-1714&1727-c1732); François dit MANNE (c1692-1717-?); Marie (c1695-1709-1735); Cécile (c1697-1717-c1740); Anne (c1699-1720-?) (1)

childviii. Michel BOUDROT was born around 1659. He married Marie-Madeleine CORMIER, born around 1670, daughter of Thomas CORMIER & Marie-Madeleine GIROUARD, around 1690 in Port-Royal. Michel died between 1707 and 13 February 1714. Marie-Madeleine died before 13 February 1714. (1)

Michel & Marie-Madeleine had seven children: Marie-Madeleine (c1691-c1712-c1751); Michel-Joseph (c1693-1718-1718); Élisabeth (c1696-c1712-?); Madeleine (1698-1714-1721); Anselme (c1700-c1725-1765); Claude (c1703-c1724-1765); Paul (?-c1731-?) (1)

childix. Olivier BOUDROT was born around 1661. He married Isabelle (Élisabeth) PETITPAS, daughter of Claude PETITPAS & Catherine BUGARET, around 1686. (1)

childx. Claude BOUDROT was born around 1663. He first married Anne-Marie THIBODEAU, daughter of Pierre THIBODEAU & Jeanne THÉRIOT THÉRIAULT before 31 December 1692 in Acadie. Claude was buried 7 March 1740 in Grand Pré.(2)(3)(4)(5)

Claude & Anne-Marie had eight children: Claude (c1683-c1706-?); Michel (c1685-c1708&1732-?); Joseph (c1687-1712-1763); Anne-Marie/Marie-Anne (c1690-1707-?); Marie (c1692-1707-1768); Anne (c1693-1712-?); Élisabeth (c1696-c1715&c1723-1756); Marguerite (c1698-1712-?) (1)
         His second marriage was to Catherine MEUNIER, daughter of Jean MEUNIER & Marguerite HOUSSEAU,          around 1700.
Claude & Catherine had thirteen children: Catherine (m1718-d1731); Cécile (mc1722-1725); Étienne (m1725-1763); Marie (c1705-1725-1759); Paul dit Petit Paul (1707-1730-1758*); François (1709-1730-1763); Jean dit Lami (m1731-1763); Pierre (c1712-1733&1753-1758*); Françoise (c1715-1735-1751); Marie-Josèphe (1718-1734-1761); Claire (1719-1740-1741); Anne (1721-1745-1756); Charles (1725-c1747-1781). (1)
         His third marriage was to Madeleine CORPORON, born around 1672, daughter of Jean CORPORON &           Françoise SAVOIE and the widow of Bernard DOUCET dit LAVERDURE and of François LECLERC dit            LAVERDUE, on 7 August 1735 in Port-Royal. There are no children reported for this marriage. (1)

         Claude died on 7 March 1740 in Grand-Pré, at the age of 80. (1)

childxi. François BOUDROT was born around 1666. He married Madeleine BELLIVEAU, born around 1676, the daughter of Jean BELLIVEAU & Jeanne BOURG, around 1692. He died on 27 and was buried on 28 September 1733 in Port-Royal at the age of 66. (1)

François & Madeleine had nine children: Jean (bc1694); Joseph (c1697-c1722-c1752); Madeleine (c1699-c1719-1747); François (bc1701-?); Marie/Marie-Anne (1704-c1724-?); Michel (b1706-?); Charles (1709-1734-1778); Pierre dit Grand Pierre (1712-1735&c1753-?); Marguerite (1715-1734-1772) (1)

* Several BOUDROT family members perished during the crossing to France 1758-1759.

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