8188. Jean-Claude LANDRY was born in 1593. He was previously married. He then married Marie SALÉ in 1625 in La Ventrouze, Mortagne en Perche, Department of Orne, France. He died in 1671 in Mortagne-au-Perche, France. (1)

Please note the following information on Jean CLAUDE or Jehan CLAUSE.

8189. Marie SALÉ was born in 1600 in France. Her parents were Jean Denys SALÉ & Françoise ARNAUD (m. 1633). She was firt married to Martin AUCOIN. They had three children: Michelle (b.1618), François (b.1622) and Jeanne (b. 1625).

    Children of the first marriage with unknown wife were:

i. Perrine LANDRY was born around 1611. She married Jacques JOFFRIAU probably before 140 in France. (2)

child1296 ii. René LANDRY (the elder) was born around 1618. He married Perrine BOURG in 1645. He was twin to Antoinette. (2)

child4085 iii. Antoinette LANDRY was born around 1618, twin to René. She married Antoine BOURG in 1636 in Port-Royal. (2)

    Children of the second marriage with Marie SALÉ

i. René LANDRY le jeune (the younger) was born around 1634. He married Marie BERNARD, born around 1645, the daughter of ? BERNARD & Andrée GUYON around 1659 in Port-Royal. He came to Québec, Canada in either 1653 or 1659. He died in Port-Royal before the Census 1693. Marie was buried in Port-Royal on 11 Jan 1719. (1)(2)
Children were:

i. Antoine was born around 1660. He married Marie THIBODEAU, born around 1661, daughter of Pierre THIBODEAU & Jeanne THÉRIOT around 1681. He died in St-Charles-des-Mines before 16 February 1711. Marie died in St-Charles-les-Mines before 16 February 1711. (2)

Antoine and Marie had 12 children: Marie-Marguerite, Antoine, Isabelle, Anne, Marguerite, Pierre, François, Françoise, Germain, Jean dit Jane, Joseph, Angélique. (2)
Antoine 2 (b.1683-m.c1705-d.c1755) & Marie-Blanche LE BLANC (b.c1687-d.c1755) had 10 children: Paul, Françoise, P:ierre, Alexis, Joseph, Charles, Jean-Baptiste, Michel, Amand, Marie-Josèphe. (2)

François (b.c1692-m.1711-d.1767) & Marie-Josèphe DOUCET (b.c1715-d.1740) had 7 children: François, Anne, Marie-Josèphe, Jean, Charles, Joseph, Germain, Osite. (2)

Pierre (b.c1690-m.c1713) & Marguerite FOREST (b. 1714-d.1778) had 7 children: Marie-Josèphe, Anne-Marie, Augustin, Marguerite, Brigitte, Basile, Joseph. (2)

ii. Claude LANDRY was born around 1663. He first married Marie-Catherine THIBODEAU, born around 1667, daughter of Pierre THIBODEAU & Jeanne THÉRIOT, around 1684. Marie-Catherine died before 11 Nov 1721. He then married Marie BABIN, daughter of Antoine BABIN & Marie MERCIER and widow of François RIMBAULT, around 1725. His third marriage was to Jeanne CÉLESTIN dit BELLEMÈRE, daughter of André CÉLESTIN dit BELLEMÈRE & Perrine BASILE and widow of Mathieu BRASSEUR dit LA CITARDY. He was buried in Grand-Pré at the age of 86, on 4 September 1747. Present at the burial were his two sons, René and Jean-Baptiste. (2)

Claude & Marie-Catherine had 13 children: Jeanne, Jean-Baptiste, René, Claude, Eustache, Geneviève, Marguerite, Jean, Marie, Marie-Madeleine, daughter, Claire, Joseph.
Claude2 (b.c1689-m.1712) & Madeleine DOUCET (b.c1693) had 9 children: Marie-Josèphe, Marguerite-Bonne, Anne, Vincent, Judith, Madeleine, Anne, Amand, Anne-Marie. (2)

René (b.c1688-m.1712-d.1769) & Marie-Madeleine MELANSON (d.c1758) had 10 children: Honoré, Anselme, Jean-Baptiste, Cécile, Paul, Marie-Madeleine, Marie-Marguerite, Pierre, Joseph, Michel. (2)

There were no children with the second and third marriages. (2)

iii. Cécile LANDRY was born around 1664. She first married Pierre THÉRIOT, son of Jean THÉRIOT & Perrine RAU, around 1678. She then married Étienne RACOIS dit de ROSIER widower of ? & Catherine CARREROT on 12 August 1725 in Grand-Pré. She was buried, at the age of 78, on 18 October 1741 in Grand-Pré. (2)

iv. Jean LANDRY was born around 1666. He was a carpenter. He married Cécile MELANSON, born around 1668, daughter of Pierre MELANSON & Marguerite MIUS d'ENTREMONT around 1687. Cécile, a widow, was buried on 12 June 1753 in St-Jean l'Évangéliste de Porte-Lajoie. (2)

Jean and Cécile had 9 children: René, Jean-Baptiste, Joseph, Marie-Josèphe, Benjamin, son, daughter, daughter, Cécile. (2)
Jean-Baptiste (b.c1690-m.1711) & Marguerite GAUTROT (b.1693-d.1767) had 5 children: Jean-Baptiste 2, Joseph, Ami dit Lami, Alexis, Marguerite-Geneviève. (2)

v. René LANDRY was born around 1668. He married Anne THÉRIOT, born around 1673, daughter of Bonaventure THÉRIOT & Jeanne BOUDROT around 1691. (2)

René and Anne had 10 children: Marie, Anne, Antoine, Pierre, René, Madeleine, Alexandre, Sylvain, son, Charles. (2)

vi. Marie LANDRY was born around 1671. She married Martin DUPUIS, son of Michel DUPUIS & Marie GAUTROT around 1686. She was buried, at the age of 78, on 20 September 1746 in Grand-Pré. (2)

vii. Marguerite LANDRY was born around 1673. She married Pierre RICHARD, son of Michel RICHARD & Madeleine BLANCHARD around 1686. (2)

viii. Germain LANDRY was born around 1674. He married Marie MELANSON, born around 1673, daughter of Pierre MELANSON & Marguerite MIUS d'ENTREMONT around 1694. (2)

Germain and Marie had 11 children: Alexandre, Abraham dit Chaques, Piere, Marie, daughter, Germain, Paul, Jean-Baptiste, daughter, Marguerite, Madeleine. (2)

ix. Jeanne LANDRY was born around 1676. She married Jean THÉRIOT, son of Claude THÉRIOT & Marie GAUDROT, around 1691. She died and was buried on 21 May 1710 in Grand-Pré. (2)

x. Abraham LANDRY was born around 1678. He married Marie GUILBEAU, born around 1683, daughter of Pierre GUILBEAU & Catherine THÉRIOT in Grand-Pré, according to the Contract Lopinot 5 October 1701. (2)

Abraham and Marie had 10 children: Marie-Josèphe, Pierre, Charles, son, Alexandre, Joseph, Abraham dit Petit Abram, Anne, René, Marie-Madeleine. (2)

xi. Pierre LANDRY was born around 1680. He married Madeleine BROUSSARD, born around 1681, daughter of François BROUSSARD & Catherine RICHARD, on 7 January 1704 in Grand-Pré. Madeleine died before 21 November 1731. (2)

Pierre and Madeleine had 5 children: Pierre, Catherine, son, François, daughter. (2)
Pierre 2 (b.c1683-m.c1712) & Marguerite MIUS d'ENTREMONT de POBOMCOUP (b.c1694-d.1784) had 5 children: Joseph, Anne, Pierre, Jeanne-Marguerite, Grégoire. (2)

xii. Catherine LANDRY was born around 1682. She married Jacques LE BLANC, son of René LE BLANC & Anne BOURGEOIS after the Census 1700 in L'Assomption de Piaget. She died on Easter 1754 in St-Charles-des-Mines. (2)

xiii. Anne LANDRY was born around 1684. She married René BLANCHARD, son of Martin BLANCHARD & François LE BLANC around 1700. (2)

xiv. Charles dit Charlot LANDRY was born around 1688. He married Catherine-Josèphe BROUSSARD, daughter of François BROUSSARD & Catherine RICHARD, on 29 October 1708 in Port-Royal. He died on 5 and was buried on 6 November 1727 in Port-Royal. Catherine-Josèphe married a second time to Charles PRÉJEAN on 21 February 1729 in Port-Royal. (2)

Charles and Catherine-Josèphe had 9 children: Charles, Marie-Josèphe, Catherine-Josèphe, François, Anne, Catherine, Marguerite, Ursule, Marie-Madeleine. (2)

xv. Isabelle LANDRY was born around 1690. In the Port-Royal Census 1700, she is listed as 10 year old Élisabeth. (2)

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