4094. René LANDRY l'ainé (the eldest) was born around 1618 in Chaussée, Vienne, France. He was a laborer. He married Perrine BOURG in 1645 in Port-Royal, Acadie. He died between the Census 1678 and Census 1686 in Port-Royal. He had two sisters: Perrine LANDRY was born around 1611. She married Jacques JOFFRIAU probably before 1640; Antoinnette LANDRY was born around 1618 . She married Antoine BOURG around 1642. (4)

4095. Perrine BOURG was born around 1626. She was the widow of Simon PELLETRET. Her father was Antoine BOURG. (4)

Children were:

i. Marie LANDRY 1 was born around 1646 in Port-Royal. She first married Germain DOUCET, son of Germain DOUCET & ? around 1664 in Port-Royal. She then married Étienne COMEAU, son of Pierre COMEAU & Rose BAYON and widower of Marie-Anne LEFEBVRE before the Census 1698. She died in Port Royal, Acadie.(4)

ii. Marie LANDRY 2 was born around 1650. She married Laurent GRANGER around 1667 in Port-Royal. She was buried in Port-Royal on 26 October 1719 at the age of 70. (4)

child2047 iii. Madeleine LANDRY was born around 1655 in Port Royal. She first married René RICHARD dit BEAUPRÉ, son of Michel RICHARD & Madeleine BLANCHARD around 1680 or before 31 December 1679 in Port-Royal. She then married Pierre DUPUIS, son of Michel DUPUIS & Marie GAUTROT around 1692. She died, at the age of 85, on 17 and was buried on 18 February 1740 in Port-Royal. (1)(4)

child648 iv. Pierre LANDRY was born around 1658. He married Madeleine Magdelene ROBICHAUD dit CADET, daughter of Étienne ROBICHAUD & Françoise BOUDROT around 1682 or before 31 December 1690 in Acadie. (2)(4)

Jean-Baptiste dit TOC LANDRY was born around 1690. He married Marguerite MELANSON, born around 1690, daughter of Charles MELANSON & Marie DUGAS, on 22 January 1714 in Port-Royal. Marguerite, a widow of 74, died on 12 and was buried on 13 February 1758 in Québec.
Jean-Baptiste and Marguerite had 6 children: Pierre, Marie-Josèphe, Jean-Baptiste, Marguerite, Brigitte, Charles. (2)

v. Claude LANDRY was born around 1663. He married Marguerite THÉRIOT, born around 1667, daughter of Claude THÉRIOT & Marie GAUTROT, around 1683. He died, at the age of 79, on 12 and was buried on 13 December 1740 in Port-Royal. (4)

Claude and Marguerite had 10 children: Marie-Madeleine, Marie-Josèphe, Claude, Marguerite, Jean-Baptiste, Marguerite-Marie, Anne, Jeanne, Pierre and Joseph. (4)
Claude 2 was born around 1690. He married Marie BABINEAU, born around 1692, daughter of Jean BABINEAU & Marguerite BOUDROT, on 23 April 1711 in Port-Royal. Claude died, at the age of 70, and was buried on 11 January 1758 in Québec. Marie died, at age 68, on 20 and was buried on 21 November 1757 in Québec.
Claude & Marie had 8 children: Marguerite, Claude, Pierre dit Minique, Brigitte, François, Marguerite, Joseph, Jean dit Bourget. (2)

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