1832. Pierre LANDRY was born around 1658. He married Madeleine/Magdelene ROBICHAUD around 1682 or before 31 December 1690 in Acadie. (1)(3)

1833. Madeleine/Magdelene ROBICHAUD was born around 1664. Listed in the Register as Magdelaine CADET, she was buried on 8 June 1710, at the age of 48, in Port-Royal. (3)

Children were:

childi. Pierre LANDRY was born around 1683. He married Marguerite MIUS d'ENTREMONT de POBOMCOUP, daughter of Jacques MIUS d'ENTREMONT de POBOMCOUP & Anne de SAINT-ÉTIENNE de LA TOUR, around 1712. (3)

childii. Marguerite LANDRY was born around 1687. She married Charles MIUS d'ENTREMONT de POBOMCOUP, son of Jacques MIUS d'ENTREMONT de POBOMCOUP & Anne de SAINT-ÉTIENNE de LA TOUR, on 1 September 1712 in Port-Royal. She died before 28 February 1764. (3)

child324 iii. Jean-Baptiste LANDRY dit TOC was born around 1690 in Acadie. He married Madeleine Marguerite MÉLANSON/MÉLANÇON, daughter of Charles MELANSON & Marie DUGAS, on 22 January 1714 in Port-Royal. He died before 12 February 1758. (2)(3)

childiv. René LANDRY was born around 1693. He married Marie-Josèphe MIUS de PLEINMARAIS, daughter of Abraham MIUS de PLEINMARAIS & Marguerite de SAINT-ÉTIENNE de LA TOUR, on 14 October 1717 in Port-Royal. He died, at the age of 71, in the English boat that was transporting him to France around 1759. (3)

childv. François LANDRY dit MICAS was born around 1696. He married Marie BELLIVEAU, daughter of Jean BELLIVEAU & Madeleine MELANSON, on 11 January 1723 in Port-Royal. He was buried, at age 60, in Très-Ste-Trinité de Cherbourg on 8 April 1760. (3)

childvi. Joseph LANDRY was born around 1698 in Port-Royal. At about age 24, he married Anne MELANSON, daughter of Charles MELANSON & Anne BOURG, on 17 January 1735 in Port-Royal. He died on 15 and was buried on 16 February 1744 in Port-Royal, at the age of 45. (3)

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