Jacques ARCHAMBAULT was born before 1604. He married Françoise TOUREAU dit TOURAULT on 24 January 1629 in France. He arrived in New France in 1647 with his wife and their children. He farmed in Québec but moved to Montréal in 1651 where he had two married daughters. The family had seven children: five girls and two boys. Only one, Laurent, will perpetuate the same in Canada. He died and was buried on 15 February 1688 in Montréal. (1)(3)

   Françoise TOUREAU dit TOURAULT was born before 1599 in France. She died on 9 December 1663 in Montréal.

Children were:

childiv. Marie ARCHAMBAULT was born 24 February 1636 in Aunis, France. She married Urbain TESSIER dit LAVIGNE on 28 September 1648 in Québec. She died on 16 August 1719 in Pointe-aux-Trembles. (1)(2)(3)

i. Denis was born in 1630 in Aunis, France. He moved from Québec to Montréal with his famille in 1651. He was killed on 16 July 1651 by an exploding canon. (1)(3)

ii. Anne, the oldest daughter, at sixteen, married Michel CHAUVIN at Québec. The marriage was declared null in 1650 due to bigamy on the part of the man. She married Jean GERVAISE on 3 February 1654 at Montréal. They had nine children. She was buried in Montréal on 30 July 1699. (1)(3)

Four other children. (1)

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