618. Simon LEREAU dit L'HÉROS/L'HÉRAULT/LEVREAU was born before 1624 in France. He married Suzanne JAROUSSEL on 27 November 1655 in Québec. (1)(2)(5)

619. Suzanne JAROUSSEL was born around 1641 in France. Her second marriage was to Robert COTTARD on 9 February 1671 in Ste-Famille, Île-d'Orléans. The contract Vachon is dated 5 February 1671. She died after 1 November 1694. (4)(5)

Children were:

child309 i. Anne LEBEAU Anne LEBEAU was born on 7 June 1665. She married François FRECHETTE on 28 January 1680 in Ste-Famille. She died in 1715 in St-Nicolas. She was also known as Anne LEREAU/LHEROS. (1)(3)

child   Six other children: four older and two younger than Anne. (1)

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