606. Laurent GIGNARD was born around 1633 at Notre-Dame-de-Cogne, town & diocese of La Rochelle, Aunis (La Rochelle, Charente-Maritiem) France. He married Élisabeth SORIN on 10 July 1653 in France. His second marriage was to Marie MORIN on 11 September 1673 in Québec. He died on 28 February 1702 in Neuville, Québec. (2)

607. Élisabeth SORIN was born around 1634 at Notre-Dame-de-Cogne, town and diocese of La Rochelle, Aunis (La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime), France. She died before 1673 in Québec. (3)

Children were:

child303 v. Marie Suzanne GIGNARD was born on 28 February 1667 in Château-Richer. She married René DAUPHIN on 22 April 1686 in Beauport. She died on 1 August 1736 in Beauport. (4)

Five other children: four older and one younger who died at childbirth. (1)

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