1897 - 1929
Soeur/Sister Marie Ste-Cécile de Rome
Religieuse/Religious de Jésus-Marie


Nicolas BÉLANGERwas born around 1633 in St-Thomas de Touques, Diocese of Lisieux, Normandy, Department of Calvados, France. He and Marie DERAINVILLE, daughter of Paul de RAINVILLE & Rolline POËTE, signed a marriage contract on 12 November 1659 in front the Notary Paul Vachon. He married Marie DE RAINVILLE on 11 January 1660 in Notre-Dame de Québec, Canada. He was also known as Nicolas BELLANGER. He was buried 20 October 1682 in Beauport. They had twelve children. (11)(12)(13)(14)(19)


Nicolas BÉLANGER was born on 12 and baptized on 17 January 1672, the eighth child of Nicolas BÉLANGER & Marie DE RAINVILLE. He married Marie MAGNAN/MIGNIER, daughter of Jacques MAGNAN & Ambroise DOIGT, on 2 November 1699 in Charlesbourg. He died on 12 and was buried on 13 April 1742 in Beauport. Nicolas and Marie had thirteen children.(1)(2)(8)(9)(10)


Jacques BÉLANGER was born and baptized on 3 August 1721 in St-Charles Parish, Charlesbourg, Québec. He married Marie Jeanne PROTEAU on 1 September 1749 in St-Charles, Charlesbourg, Québec. (3)(4)

Jeanne PROTEAU dit CROTEAU was born on 10 and baptized on 11 July 1720 in St-Charles Parish, Charlesbourg, Québec. Her parents were Michel PROTEAU & Marie Suzanne BÉDARD who were married on 20 January 1710 in Charlesbourg. (1) (Note)


Jean Baptiste BÉLANGER married Marie Françoise GRENIER dit GARNIER on 3 February 1795 in Notre-Dame de Beauport, Québec. Marie Françoise GRENIER dit GARNIER's parents were Michel-A. GRENIER & Marie Anne BRUNEAU. (5)(6)(16) (Note)


Jacques BÉLANGER married Marguerite CHARTRÉ on 9 August 1842 in L'Ancienne-Lorette, Québec. Marguerite CHARTRÉ's parents were Pierre CHARTRÉ & Marie LAFLAMME(7) (Note)


Olivier BÉLANGER was born on 21 and baptized on 22 November 1844 in the parish of St-Charles in Charlebourg, Québec. He married Marie Dina BELLEAU on 26 July 1869 in St-François-de-Sales , Neuville, Portneuf, Québec. Olivier died on 14 and was buried on 16 April 1901 in the parish of St-Sauveur, Québec.

Madeleine Dina BELLEAU, daughter of Honoré BELLEAU & Madeleine MATTE was born and baptized on 18 May 1850 in the parish of St-François-de-Sales, Neuville, Co. Portneuf. She died on 28 and was buried on 30 September 1872 in the parish of St-Sauveur, Québec.

Upon the death of Dina, Olivier married Marie Élisabeth JOBIN on 22 August 1883 in the parish of L'Annonciation in L'Ancienne Lorette, Québec. Marie Elisabeth was born and baptized on 13 August 1850 in the parish of St-Charles, Charlbourg. Élisabeth died on 24 and was buried on 27 February 1926 in St-Charles, Charlbourg, Québec. (7)(15)(17)(19)


Octave Olivier BÉLANGER was born on 27 and baptized on 28 April 1871 in St-Sauveur, Terrebonne Cnty., Québec. He married Séraphia MATTE on 22 June 1896 in St-Francis-de-Sales Parish, Neuville, Portneuf Co, Québec. He died on 21 July 1952. (7)(15)(19)

Séraphia MATTE was born and baptized on 3 April 1870 in the parish of St-François-de-Sales, Neuville, Portneuf Cnty., Québec. She died on 18 August 1951. Her parents were Joseph MATTE & Virginie DELISLE. (19) (Note)


Blessed Dina BÉLANGER was born and baptized on 30 April 1897 in St-Roch, Québec, the daughter of Olivier Octave BÉLANGER & Séraphia MATTE. Her parents lived at 168 Notre Dame des Anges in the Parish of Jacques Cartier, Portneuf County. Dina was baptized at St. Roch, Québec. She studied music and planned to become a concert pianist. While studying in New York, Dina lived with the Religious of Jesus-Mary. She returned home and decided to enter the religious life in the Congregation of Jesus-Marie at Sillery, where the nuns had their mother house. She entered the convent at the age of 24, in August 1921. She entered the order of Jesus-Marie in February 1922 and received the name Sister Marie Sainte-Cécile of Rome and took her final vows on 25 August 1923. As a nun, Dina BÉLANGER taught music.

On two occasions the sisters sent her to teach at Saint-Michel of Bellechasse but both times, illness brought her back to Sillery where she stayed (teaching music) until her death. She could have taught in many areas as she had excelled in all her studies but due to her having shown such great talent in music at a young age and her continued education at the Conservatory of New York from 1916 to 1918, her superiors judged her best qualified to teach music.

Dina had a brother who died at the age of 3 months. Dina's father was an auditor and her grandfather operated a grocery store in the St Malo district of Québec. Her ancestors (Pierre, Joseph-Marie and Nicolas) all came from Charlesbourg.

Dina died on 4 September in the Couvent de Jésus-Marie, Sillery and was buried on 7 September 1929 at the age of 32, in St-Colomb de Sillery, Québec.

In 1951 her body was exhumed and placed in a lead sarcophagus in the Convent of Jésus-Marie in Sillery, where, today, many kneel to pray. On March 20, 1993, at ceremonies in Rome, Dina BÉLANGER became the first native of Québec to be Beatified by the Church. The quiet life of this talented young woman, who lived her short adult life as a Sister of Jesus-Mary is the subject of her autobiography which has been translated into several languages. (7)

Blessed Dina Bélanger's motto

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Important Dates in Dina's Life

Musician and Mystic
Beatified on March 20th, 1993

Prière pour demander une grâce par l'intercession de la Bienheureuse Dina Bélanger

Prayer to obtain a favour through the intercession of Blessed Dina Bélanger

Messenger of Joy

Paroles de la Bienheureuse Dina

Dina Bélanger - fidélité d'amour
par  Léonard Bélanger, s.j.

Dina Bélanger - Faithful in Love
Translated by Normand A. Léveillée, distant cousin of Dina

Lettres de la Bienheureuse Dina / Letters of Blessed Dina
Dina pense à vous   Dina is thinking of you    Dina piensa en ti


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