1156. Gervais LENORMAND was known also as Gervais NORMAND. He was born 16 March 1597 in St-Martin d'Ige, diocese of Sees, in Perche (Mortagne, Orne) France. He married Éléonore JANET also known as Léonarde JOUAULT before 17 April 1637 most likely in St-Martin d'Ige. (1)(2)(5)

1157. Léonarde JOUAULT was also known as Éléonore JANET. She was born in St-Martin d'Iige, near Belesne, in Perche, France. She died 30 November 1652 in Québec.

Children were:

child578 i. Jean LENORMAND was born and baptized on 17 April 1637 in St-Martin d'Ige, Mortagne, Perche, France. A Marriage Contract was carried out on 8 July 1656 between Jean Normand & Anne LeLaboureur. He married Marie-Anne LELABOUREUR on 18 July 1656 in Notre-Dame de Québec. Marie Anne died and was buried on 11 December 1700 in Québec. Jean then married Marie-Madeleine BRASSARD on 2 May 1703 in Notre-Dame de Québec. Jean was found dead in his desert and was buried on 25 July 1706 in Québec. Marie Madeleine died on 21 and was buried on 22 September 1712 in Québec. (3)

ii. Marie NORMAND was born and baptized on 24 Feb 1650 in Québec. Marie Madeleine died on 21 and was buried on 26 Feb 1650 in Québec.

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