7094. Abraham MARTIN was born in 1589. He was also known as Abraham MARTIN dit L'ECOSSAIS. He was a pilot and master of a barque. He was from Dieppe, but could have of Scottish descent. He arrived at Québec in 1619 with his wife Marie Marguerite LANGLOIS whom he married before 24 October 1621 in France. He was a sailor of his life. He was hired by the Montmorency Company and lived in Québec with his family up to 1629. He returned to Dieppe, France, and lived there with his family during the English occupation. He returned to Québec in 1632 where he was hired by the Company of New France to navigate the river. He had 12 arpents of land on the outskirts of the city and received an additional 20 arpents given to him in 1645 by the surgeon Adrien DUCHESNE. The Abraham Shore was named after him because it extended from his land. However it is doubtful that the Plains of Abraham were named after him; if he had owned all the plateau there, then it would have been probable. He enjoyed a good reputation. His descendants came through his daughters since Eustache and Adrien died very young; Charles-Amado became a priest. He died at Québec. (1)(9)

	Dans "Tanguay", il est écrit ceci: Pilote royal en ce pays.- 
	Greffe de Le Coustre, 27 déc.1647.
    	Martin eut l'honneur de léguer son nom au champ de bataille 
	où se rencontrèrent les armées de Wolfe et de 		
	Montcalm: Les Plaines d'Abraham.
	Il est digne de remarque que Monseigneur 		
	Taché, Évêque de la Rivière Rouge, 
	compte à la fois parmi ses ancêtres les trois 	
	premiers propriétaires de la ville de Québec, 	
	Louis Hébert,Guillaume Couillard et Abraham Martin".
	On peut aussi aller sur le site suivant pour 								
	connaitre toute l'histoire des Plaines d'Abraham 
	et de Abraham Martin dit l'Écossais. (5)

7095. Marie Marguerite LANGLOIS, originally from Dieppe, France, came over to New France in 1621 with her husband. Abraham and Marguerite had nine children, but no descendants except through her daughters. When Abraham died, she then married René BRANDE dit BLANCHE on 17 February 1665 in Québec. She died on 17 December 1665 in Québec. (2)(8)

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Children were:

childi. Eustache MARTIN was born and baptized on 24 October 1621 in Notre-Dame de Québec. At 13 years of age, in 1632 he was chosen by Champlain to go and learn Huron and to become an interpreter. In July of 1634, he accompanied the Jesuits to Huronia. He was abandoned by his native companions in Nipissirinian territory, finally arriving in Huronia on 19 September. With his older companion Dominique SCOT, he assisted with catechism for the Huron children. He is no longer mentioned in the Jesuit Relations after 1635. It is believed that he died in Huronia before 1640; however deaths and illnesses were carefully recorded; perhaps he returned to Québec. The registers in Québec were lost in a fire in 1640; the birth and marriage records were reconstructed but the burials were not. (10)(11)

child3547 ii. Marguerite MARTIN was born on 1 and baptized on 4 January 1624 in Notre-Dame de Québec. She married Étienne RACINE on 22 May 1638 in Notre-Dame de la Visitation, Québec. They lived on the Beaupré estate on the Chiens River. They had nine children of whom eight married. One of them became a Hospitaler at Montréal. The four boys are the source of the family name RACINE. Marguerite died on 25 and was buried on 26 November 1679 in Château-Richer, Montmorency, Québec. Étienne died on 24 and was buried on 25 April 1689 under the altar of the first church in Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré, Montmorency, Québec.(1)(4)(10)(11)

childiii. Hélène MARTIN was born 21 June 1627 in Québec. She was the god-child of Hélène BOULLÉ, the wife of Samuel Champlain. She married Claude ÉTIENNE at Québec on 22 October 1640. They had only one child, who did not survive. Hélène remarried to Médard CHOUART and gave him two children, one of whom was named Médard. Chouart remarried after Hélène died in 1651. (10)

child839 iv. Marie MARTIN was born and baptized on 10 April 1635 in the Paroisse de Notre-Dame de Québec. She married Jean CLOUTIER on 21 January 1648 in the paroisse de Notre-Dame de Québec, Beauport, Québec. Jean died and was buried on 16 October 1690 in Château-Richer, Québec. Marie died on 25 and was buried on 26 April 1699 in Château-Richer, Québec. (1)(3)(11)

ix. Charles Amador MARTIN was born 6 March 1648 in Québec. He was the second Canadian to be ordained a priest in Québec by Monseigneur De Laval on 14 March 1671. He was renowned for his vitures. He was the pastor and canon of Notre-Dame-de-Sainte-Foy, Québec. He died on 19 June 1711 in Québec. (1)(6)(7)(8)

   Four other children (1)

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