Louis BÉLANGER dit BONSECOURS was born on 18 December 1654 and baptized on 9 January 1655 in the Basilique de Notre-Dame deQuébec. He married Marguerite LEFRANÇOIS on 3 November 1682 in Château-Richer. He was died and was buried 1 October 1724 in L'Islet. He was the owner and benefactor of this church. (1) (2)

Marguerite LEFRANÇOIS was born and baptized on 3 February 1655 in Château-Richer. She was the daughter of Charles LEFRANÇOIS & Marie TRIO TRIAU. She died on 29 and was buried on 31 October 1735 in L'Islet, Co. L'Islet, Québec.

This Louis Bélanger & Marguerite LeFrançois Lineage will descend to the Bélanger - Fournier - Bélanger - Léveillée Families. (in Acrobat .pdf format)

Children were:

child ii. François BÉLANGER dit BONSECOURS (Seigneur - Lord) was born on 12 December 1686 in L'Islet St-Jean, Cap-St-Ignace, Montmagny. He married Geneviève CLOUTIER on 16 November 1711 in Bonsecours, L'Islet. He died on 12 and was buried on 13 October 1727 in L'Islet. The aka or dit name "Bonsecours" was most likely given to him because his family was from the parish of Bonsecours in the county of L'Islet. (2) (3)

i. Anonymous was born and died on 29 September 1685 in Rivière-Ouelle.(2)

iii. Anonymous was born and died on 15 May 1689 in Cap-St-Ignace. (2)

iv. Louis BÉLANGER was born on 23 April 1690 in Cap-St-Ignace. He died on 29 March 1721 in L'Islet. (2)

v. Élisabeth Isabelle BÉLANGER was born on 21 June 1692 in Cap-St-Ignace. She married Alexis LEMIEUX on 18 October 1710 in L'Islet. (2)(4)

vi. Marie Madeleine BÉLANGER was born on 10 November 1694 in Cap-St-Ignace. She married Guillaume LEMIEUX on 25 October 1723 in L'Islet. She died in January 1726 in Berthier-en-Bas. (2)

vii. Marguerite BÉLANGER was born on 20 December 1696 in Cap-St-Ignace. She married Louis COULLARD LEPINE on 7 November 1712 in L'Islet. She died on 7 July 1715 in Montmagny. (2)

viii. Barbe BÉLANGER was born on 14 February and died on 23 February 1699 in Cap-St-Ignace. (2)

ix. Pierre BÉLANGER was born on 30 June 1700 in L'Islet. He married Geneviève LESSARD on 12 November 1724 in L'Islet. He died on 31 July 1762 in L'Islet. (2)

x. Jean Baptiste BÉLANGER was born on 29 Marcg and died on 23 April 1702 in L'Islet. (2)

xi. Marie Françoise BÉLANGER was born on 25 April 1704 in L'Islet. She married Jean Baptiste FORTIN BELLEFONTAINE on 25 October 1723 in L'Islet. (2)

xii. Marie Marthe BÉLANGER was born on 19 June 1706 in L'Islet. She married Joseph COUILLARD DESECORS LEPINE on 19 November 1725 in L'Islet. (2)

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