52. Augustin Magloire FOURNIER was born on 3 and baptized on 4 December 1780 in Cap St-Igance. Augustin Magloire married Marie-Françoise FOURNIER on 2 August 1802 in Cap St-Ignace. Augustin then married Angélique LEBREAUX, daughter of Pierre LEBREAUX & Victoire PELLETIER, on 6 February 1815 at Cap St Ignace, Montmagny, Québec. Augustin died on 1 and was buried on 4 April 1842 in Cap St-Ignace, Co. Montmagny, Québec. (1)

53. Marie-Françoise FOURNIER was born and baptized on 15 March 1784 in Cap-St-Ignace. She died on 3 and was buried on 5 November 1812 in Cap St-Ignace, Co. Montmagny, Québec. (1)(2)

   Children were:

child26 i. Jean-Baptiste FOURNIER was born and baptized on 3 April 1808 in Cap St-Ignace. He married Geneviève GAGNON on 22 November 1836 in the parishes of St-Philippe & St-Jacques, St-Vallier, Bellechasse. Geneviève was born and baptized on 10 September 1813 in St-Philippe & St-Jacques, St-Vallier, Co. Bellechasse. Geneviève died on 20 and was buried on 22 October 1868 in St-Isidore, Co. Dorchester. Jean Baptiste died on 19 and was buried 24 July 1883 in St-Julien, Wolfestown, Co. Wolfe, Québec.(1).

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(1) Copy of the Drouin document from the Parish Registers.
(2) PRDH Document - Université de Montréal.