398. Médéric Emery BLOUIN, son of André BLOUIN & Françoise BONIN, was born in 1641 in St-Pierre, diocese of Lucon, Vendée, France. He was also known as Médéric BELLOVIN-LAVIOLETTE. He married Marie CARREAU-CARDAN on 30 November 1669 in the Church of L'Ange-Gardien, Château-Richer, Québec. He died on 17 July 1707 in St-Jean, Île d'Orléans. (1)(2)

399. Marie CARREAU CARDAN LAFRAICHEUR, daughter of Louis CARREAU LAFRAICHEUR & Jeanne LEROUGE, was born on 20 March 1655 in Québec. She died on 10 February 1722 in St-Jean, Île-Orléans. She was sister to Marguerite CARREAU CARDAN.

Children were:

child199 i. Marie-Madeleine BLOUIN LAVIOLETTE, daughter of Emery BLOUIN LAVIOLETTE & Marie CARREAU LAFRAICHEUR, was born on 12 May 1674 in Québec. She married Charles CAMPAGNA, son of Mathias CAPAGNA & Suzanne AUBINEAU, on 22 September 1692 in St-Jean, Île-d'Orléans. She died on 11 September 1755 in St-François, Île-d'Orléans. (1)(3)

   Fourteen other children: two older and twelve younger than Marie Madeleine. (1)


     Little is known about Emery's life in France and his signature appears in Québec records only once. On August 25, 1664, he appeared at the home of notary Pierre Duquet to receive 40 livres tournois (French currency in silver minted at Tours, France) which the absent Jesuit Brother François Boursier had lent him. Emery promised to repay this sum, "on the day and feast of the next All Saint's Day." At that time, he declared that he "did not know how to write or sign his name." How then, did his signature appear on the one document? It is unknown, but perhaps someone helped him by holding his hand as he wrote. Emery was apparently broke and in need of funds and fully expected to repay his benefactor in a little more than two months.
     It is not known exactly when Emery arrived in New France, but established custom indicated he would live in the country as an indentured servant for three years before being recognized as a full citizen.
     On 2 June 1667, Emery received three arpents of frontal land at St-Jean on the island. This concession of Msgr De Laval was, even at that date, already owner of three other neighboring arpents, which gave him a property of six contiguous arpents. Emery, a tenacious worker, spent the rest of his life on this island property on the south side of the Ile d'Orleans. There, he founded a home in 1669, five years after his arrival.
     At the age of 14, Marie Carreau met Emery, fell in love and signed a marriage contract on 5 November 1669 before notary Paul Vachon. They would live in joint ownership of property.
     Father François Filion blessed the marriage on 30 November 1669 and they lived happily on the island for 38 years. The Blouins' life was marked by peace and tranquility along the banks of the St-Lawrence River, on the south side of the Ile d'Orleans. There was wild game in the woods, a large quantity of fish in the pure waters of the river, vegetables and good golden wheat on the farm. The domestic animals provided them with milk, butter and cheese.
     The census of 1681 indicates that Emery was then 40 years old and Marie was 26 and that they lived with their five children and owned one gun, seven head of cattle and 15 a arpents of land under cultivation.
     The Blouin family would grow to a total of fourteen children. Emery died in July 1707 and was buried the same day. Marie survived her husband by many years, dying on 10 February 1722.
     On 2 September 1973, a monument was erected to honor Emery Blouin on the lot where 306 years earlier, history says he built his house of stone.
     Family name variations: Belloin, Belouin, Belouyn, Besloin, Bloing, Blouard, Dufresne, Laforce, Laviolette. (4)

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Archbishop Maurice Couture
A descendant of Médéric Emery Blouin & Marguerite Carreau Cardan
Common ancestors of Léveillée & Paré families.

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