Jean Baptiste PARADIS was baptized on 11 January 1754 in Ste-Foye, Québec. He married Marie Marguerite GUERIN-FONTAINE on 20 August 1781 in Laprairie, Québec. His second marriage was to Marie STANTOINE (c. 1776) on 23 May 1796 in L'Acadie, St-Jean County, Canada. (1)

Marie Marguerite GUERIN-FONTAINE, daughter of Jean Baptiste GUERIN FONTAINE & Marie Marguerote BOURDEAU was born on 12 and baptized on 13 September 1763. She died on 15 and buried on 16 April 1795 in L'Acadie, Canada. (1)

    They had eighth children:

ii. Jean Baptiste PARADIS was born and baptized on 14 June 1783 in Laprairie, Québec. He married Marie Isabelle ROY(b. after August 1778) on 26 November 1804 in L'Acadie, St-Jean County, Canada. Jean Baptiste died around 1843. (1)


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(1) PRDH Certificate.