1116. Jacques BRISSET was born in 1626. He married Jeanne FETEIS before 31 December 1648 in Poitiers, Poitou, France. He died on 1 December 1701 in Champlain, Province de Québec. (1)(3)

1117. Jeanne FETEIS was born in 1626 in France. She died on 30 November 1698 in Champain. She was also known as Jeanne FETINE FORTIER.

Children were:

child558 i. Jacques BRISSET was born before 1648 in France. He married Marguerite DANDONNEAU on 15 November 1672 in the province of Québec. He died on 27 March 1736 in L'Île-Dupas. (1)

   One other child younger than Jacques. (1)

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