7630. Nicolas PELLETIER was born around 1590 in St-Pierre de Galardon, diocese of Chartres, Beauce (Chartres, Eure-et-Loire), France. He was a master carpenter (Maitre charpentier) at the citadel. He married Jeanne ROUSSAY before 31 December 1632. He arrived in 1637 with his wife and two boys, 4 and 2 years old. Six daughters and a son were born in New France. Nicolas was probably the first man to whom D'Ailleboust granted a plot of land on the territory that the Jesuits wanted to keep for their converts. The family was absorbed in the Native Seigneurie in 1651 and was still there in 1663. He died before 1675. (1)(8)

7631. Jeanne ROUSSAY was born around 1612 in St-Pierre, city of Gallardon, diocese of Chartres, Beauce (Chartres, Eure-et-Loire), France. She was condemned for having sold alcohol to the natives. She died on 12 December 1689 in Sorel, Québec. She was also known as Jeanne DE VOUSSY & DEVOISY ROUSSI. (8)

Children were:

child630 i. François PELLETIER was born before 1635 in France. He first married Dorothée SAUVAGE in April 1660 somewhere in Québec. He then married Marguerite MORISSEAU on 26 September 1661 in Notre-Dame de Québec.(2)(3)(7)(10)

child1343 ii. Louise PELLETIER was born 10 May 1650 in Québec. She married Jean AYOTTE on 17 November 1653 in Québec. She died on 9 November 1713 in Québec. (4) (5)(7)

child741 iv. Jeanne PELTIER was born 19 March 1644 in Québec. She married Noël JEREMIE LAMONTAGNE on 29 January 1659 in Québec. She died on 23 January 1715 in St-Nicholas. (6)(7)

vii. Geneviève PELTIER was born on 6 April 1646 in Québec. She married Vincent Verdon on 5 November 1663 in Québec. She died on 16 December 1717 in Québec.

viii. Nicolas PELTIER dit MAROLLES was born on 30 April 1640 in Sillery. He married first Madeleine TEGOCHIX before 12 October 1649. He was the first permanent white settler in the Lac St-Jean area of Québec. He died on 2 December 1729 in Tadoussac.

	Marie Jeanne PELTIER was born on 10 December 1675 in Sorel. 
   Nicolas then married Françoise OUECHIPICHINOKOUE, an Algonquin, on 3 June 1677 in Tadoussac.
	Nicolas and Françoise had ten children
   Nicolas' third marriage was to Marie Anne OUTCHIOUANICH NANABESA on 5 August 1715 in Québec.
	Marie PELTIER was born before 1706 somewhere in Québec.
	She married Louis PAULET on 9 January 1731 in Québec. She died on 14 November 1755. 
	in Berthier-en-Haut.

   Three other children of Nicolas Pelletier & Jeanne Roussay. (7)

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