1914. Jean BLET was baptized on 13 September 1643 in the parish of St-Hilaire de Sarrazac, diocese of Perigueux, Dordogne, France. He was also known as Jean BELLET dit GAZAILLE. He married Jeanne BOUVEAU BEAUVEAU in 1672 in Contrecoeur, Québec. There is also a marriage date of 16 April 1671 in Contrecoeur. The marriage contract was signed on 31 December 1672 in St-Ours in the presence of notary Antoine AHÉMAR. Jean died on 17 August 1722 in Contecoeur, Québec.
Jean bought a lot of 2 arpents frontage and 30 arpents in depth on 6 November 1673 in St-Ours, Québec. His lot was situated before that of Louis CHARBONNIER dit ST-LAURENT and that of JEAN RÉGASSE dit LAPRADE. It seems that Jean is not included in the Census 1681 and his wife is listed as BOUCAULT, as the wife of Pierre DEXTRAS dit LAVIGNE. In reality, Pierre DEXTRAS was celibate. He is the 9th neighter of Jean BELET dit GAZAILLE. There are about 18 arpents separating the two lots. Pierre DEXTRA would eventually marry Jeanne GAZAILLE dit ST-GERMAIN in 1685, probably in the neighboring seignorie of Contrecoeur. This marriage contract was signed on 18 December 1685 in the presence of the notray Pierre MÉNARD dit SAINTONGE of St-Ours. (1)(2)(7)

1915. Jeanne BOUVEAU BEAUVEAU was born before 1653 in Nogent-sur-Seine, Champagne, France. She was the daughter of Julien BEAUVEAU & Catherine POT PEAU. She arrived in New France as a "fille du roi - king's daughter" in 1670 at the age of 17 years. She died and was buried on 16 April 1761 in St-Ours, Québec. (5)(6)

Children were:

child263 iii. Jeanne BLET dit GAZAILLE BELLET was born 30 November and baptized on 2 December 1676 in St-Pierre de Sorel. She married Pierre DEGUIRE LAROSE DESROSIERS 19 November 1696 in the province of Québec. Pierre was born on 13 September and baptized on 15 October 1675 in St-Pierre de Sorel, Québec. Jeanne died on 6 and was buried on 7 February 1750 in St-Michel d'Yamaska. (1)(2)(3)(4)(7)

i. Jean BLET was born before 1672 and died 12 April 1742 in St-Ours. (1)

ii. Marie Anne BLET was born before 1674. She married François QUERCY LAVIOLETTE 6 June 1688. She died 17 January 1728 in St-Ours. (1)

iv. Mathurin BLET was born before 1678. He married Geneviève BEIGNET 5 February 1719 in Sorel. He died 28 February 1742 in Sorel. (1)

v. Marie Barbe BLET was born 2 May 1681 in Contrecoeur. She married Pierre BENOIT before 31 December 1697. She died 2 February 1742 in St-Ours. (1)

vi. Marie Élisabeth BLET was born 29 July 1683 in Contrecoeur. She married Étienne BEIGNET CHARLY 24 May 1716 in Sorel. She died 10 May 1753 in Sorel. (1)

vii. Pierre BLET was born 2 June 1686 in Contrecoeur. He married Marie Angélique NIQUETTE MONTY 3 February 1726 in Sorel. He died 25 January 1728 in Sorel. (1)

viii. Marie Françoise BLET was born before 1688. (1)

ix. Marie Madeleine BLET was born before 1692. She married Louis FOISY LAFRENIÈRE 9 August 1711 in Contrecoeur. She died 17 March 1732 in Verchères. (1)

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