1508. François DEGUIRE was born in 1641. He was also known as DEGUIRE dit LAROSE. He was a "Tisserand" (textile worker). He also served in the Carignan Regiment. He established himself (établi) at St.Ours, PQ. He was a farmer (fermier de) of M. Boucher. He married Marie-Rose COLIN, daughter of Pierre COLIN & Jeanne DUPOSTEAU, before 31 December 1671. He died on 12 September 1699 in Montréal, Canada.

1509. Marie-Rose COLIN was born in 1658 in France. She was buried on 5 May 1722 in Montréal. (4) (5)

Children were:

child262 iii. Pierre DEGUIRE LAROSE was born on 13 September and baptized on 15 October 1675 in St-Pierre de Sorel. He married Jeanne BLET dite GAZAILLE DEXTERA on 29 November 1696. Jeanne was born on 30 November and baptized on 2 December 1676 in St-Pierre de Sorel, Québec. Jeanne died on 6 and was buried on 7 February 1750 in St-Michel d'Yamaska. (1)(2)(3)(6)

i. Luc Louis DEGUIRE was born on before 1671. He married Marie Marguerie MENARD STONGE before 31 December 1697. He died on 5 April 1700 in REepentigny. (1)

ii. Jean DEGUIRE was born on before 1673. He married Marie Catherine MENARD STONGE on 25 May 1701. He died 22 August 1719 in Montréal.(1)

iv. Marie Madeleine DEGUIRE was born on before 1678. She married François JOURNET BOURGUIGNON 25 November 1700 in Montréal. She died on 1 August 1718 in Montréal. (1)

v. Thérèse DEGUIRE was born on 24 January 1681 in Contrecoeur. (1)

vi. Jeanne DEGUIRE was born on 1 January 1683 in Contrecoeur. She married Jean Baptiste BOYER LAFANTAISIE on 23 September 1708 in Montréal. She died on 13 March 1723. (1)

vii. François DEGUIRE was born on 27 November 1684 in Contrecoeur. He married Marie Marguerite VERONNEAU DENIS on 6 November 1713 in Boucherville. He died on 2 July 1735 in St-Laurent. (1)

viii. Jean Baptiste DEGUIRE was born on 2 May 1687 in Contrecoeur. He married Marie Madeleine COITEUX on 27 July 1710 in Pointe-aux-Trembles. He died on 31 December 1755 in Pointe-aux-Trembles. (1)

ix. Marie Josephe DEGUIRE was born on 16 March 1691 in Boucherville. She married Guillaume VALADE on 8 January 1713 in Montréal. She died on 3 July 1761 in Montréal. (1)

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