9214. François MARGUERIE dit LA MARGUERITE was born in St-Vincent, dioces of Rouen, Normandie. He married Marthe ROMAIN before 22 October 1612. He was buried on 23 May 1648 after having drowned near Trois-Rivières, where he worked as an "interprère" (interpretor). His body was found near Québec.

9215. Marthe ROMAN dit ROMAIN was born in St-Vincent de Rouen, France.

Children were:

i. François MARGUERIE dit LAMARGUERITE was born on 22 October 1612 in France. He married Louise Marie CLOUTIER on 26 Octobert 1645 in Québec. He died on 23 May 1648 in Québec. (1)(2)

child1047 ii. Marie MARGUERIE dite LAMARGUERITE was born on 12 September 1620 in France. She first married Jacques HERTEL on 23 August 1641. She then married Quentin MORAL CANTIN before 31 December 1653 at Trois-Rivières, Québec. She died and was buried on 26 November 1700 in L'Immaculée-Conception, Trois-Rivières, Québec. (1)(2)

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(1) PRDH, Certificat de famille No. 79.
(2) Drouin Document copied from the Parish Registers of Québec.