4602. Capitaine Pierre MIVILLE was born at Brouage circa 1602 in the diocese and canton of Fribourg (Switzerland(. He was also known as Pierre MIVILLE dit LESUISSE. He was a master cabinetmakier (Maitre menuisier). He married Charlotte MAUGIS dit MAUGER before 31 December 1632 in the canton of Fribourg (Switzerland). He came to Canada with his six children in 1649. He settled in the Lauzon seigneurie. He was captain of the Côte Lauzon (Capitaine de la Côte Lauzon). He had a fief on the Chaudière River. One of his descendants died in Louisiana in 1826 at the age of 120 years. (Un des ces descendants est mort en Louisiane en 1826 à l'age de 120 ans.) He died on 15 October 1669 in Lauzon. (1)(3)(5)(8)(9)

Pierre came to Canada via La Rochelle before 28 October 1649. He, his sons and four other men receive on this date, from Governor Louis D'Ailleboust, land in the Lauzon Seignory. On 16 July 1665, M. de Prouville de Tracy ceder land at Grande Anse (La Pocatière) and named it "the Canton of Swiss Fribourg" (le canton du Suisse Fribourg).
Pierre had Swiss blood flowing in his veins; he was born in the diocese of Fribourg, Switzerland in 1602 and married there in 1629. In spring of 1649, he came to Canada with his wife and six children. He was given land on the Côte Lauzon, facing the Plaines d'Abraham, aujourd'hui situées près de la coulée in the parish of Saint-David-de-l'Auberivière. In 1669, many colonists from Fribourg received land at Grande-Anse, today Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatière. The area was called "Canton des Suisses Fribourgeois". However, exept for Pierre MIVILLE, all the other Swiss colonists returned to Switzerland. Pierre became Captain of the Militia there.

First Canadian Ancestors - Miville
Renseignements en français

4603. Charlotte MAUGIS dit MAUGER MONGIS was born circa 1611. She died and was buried on 11 October 1676. (2) (4) (9)

Children were:

i. Marie MIVILLE was born on 13 December 1632 in France. She married Mathieu AMIOT VILLENEUVE on 22 November 1650 in the Paroisse de Notre-Dame de Québec. She died and was buried on 5 September 1702 in Hôtel-Dieu de Québec. Mathieu died and was buried on 19 December 1688 in Basilique Notre-Dame de Québec.(5)(9)

child521 iii. Anne Marie Aymée MIVILLE was born on 12 August 1635 in France. She married Robert GIGUÈRE on 2 July 1652 in Québec. She died on 9 and was buried on 10 December 1713 in Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré. (5) (6) (7)

v. Jacques MIVLLE was born on 2 May 1638 in France. He married Marie Catherine BAILLON on 12 November 1669 in Québec. He died on 27 January 1688 in Rivière-Ouelle. Marie Catherine was a fille du roi.(5)

iv. Marie Madeleine was born on 18 November 1636 in France. She married Jean COCHON on 20 November 1652 in Québec. (5)

ii. François MIVILLE was born on 16 May 1634 at Brouage in France. He came to New France with his entire family in 1649. He married Marie LANGLOIS on 10 August 1660 in Québec. They had twelve children, of whom ten left descendants. He then married Jeanne SAVONNET on 7 November 1692 in Rivière-Ouelle. François and Jeanne had one child. François died on 23 November 1711 and Jeanne died on 12 March 1721 in Rivière-Ouelle. Jeanne was a fille du roi. (5)(8)

vi. Suzanne was born on 24 January 1640 in France. She married Antoine PAULET on 12 April 1655 in Québec. She died on 29 August 1675 in Ste-Famille, Île d'Orléans. (5)

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