Louis HOUDE HOULE was born on 1 July 1617 in France. He married Marie Madeleine BOUCHER on 12 January 1655 in Québec. (2)

Marie Madeleine BOUCHER was the daughter of Marin BOUCHER & Perrine MALLET. She was born on 4 August 1641 in Québec. (1)

Children were:

i. Jean Baptiste HOULE HOUDE was born before 1658 in Québec. He married Marie Anne ROULEAU SANSOUCY on 23 August 1678 in Ste-Famille, I.O., Montmorency. He died on 29 March 1701 in St-Nicolas, Lévis.

iv. Gervais HOULE HOUDE was born and baptized on 23 December 1664 in the Paroisse de La Visitation de Notre-Dame, Château-Richer, Co. Montmorency, Québec. He married Catherine Anne marie DENEVERS BOISVERT BRANTIGNY on 24 November 1689 in Ste-Famille, Cap-Santé, Portneuf, Québec. Catherine was born and baptized on 25 September 1672 in the Mission de Sillery, Québec. Catherine died and was buried on 10 March 1744 in Ste-Croix, Co. Lotbinière, Québec.(2)(3)

ii. François was born before 1660 in Québec. She died on 26 April 1665 in Château-Richer, Montmorency.

iii. Louis was born on 26 September 1662 in Château-Richer. He married Marie Madeleine LEMAY before 21 December 1690.

v. Jacques was born on 24 March 1667 in Ste-Famille, I.O. He married Marie Louise BAUDET DUCAP in Québec. He died on 23 March 1748 in St-Antoine-du-Tilly, Lotbinière.

vi. Marie was born on 6 August 1669 in Ste-Famille, I.O. She married Isaac Joseph GRENIER GARNIER on 17 October 1685 in Neuville, Portneuf.

vii. Claude was born on 11 July 1671 in Ste-Famille, I.O. He married Marie Madeleine LEMAY before 31 March 1696.

ix. Marie Louise was born before 1673 in Québec. She married Charles LEMAY on 26 May 1691 in Neuville.

x. Marie Anne was born on 22 December 1674 in Ste-Famille, I.O. She died on 5 January 1675 in Ste-Famille, I.O.

xi. Louis was born on 23 December 1675 in Ste-Famille, I.O. He married Ursule Anne Marie BUISSON STCOSME BISSON on 19 May 1697 in Québec. He died on 4 April 1729 in Ste-Croix, Lotbinière.

xii. Joseph was born on 25 June 1578 in Ste-Famille, I.O. He married Louise Angélique Marie GRENIER GARNIER on 5 August 1697 in Neuville. He died on 27 July 1749 in Ste-Croix, Lotbinière.

xiii. Simon was born on 30 May 1680 in Ste-Famille.I.O. He married Marie Anne FRICHET on 23 November 1703 in St-Nicolas, Lévis.

xiv. Étienne was born on 4 April 1682 in Ste-Famille, I.O. He married Marie Ursule DENEVERS BRANTIGNY BOISVERT on 16 April 1708 in Lotbinière. He died on 27 August 1750 in Lotbinière.

xv. Marie Angélique was born before 1684 in Québec. She married Guillaume ROGNON LAROCHE before 31 December 1705. She died on 23 April 1727 in Lotbinière.

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